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Each week, the models will have to submit a picture that fit the theme according to the brief given out. To mix things up, I have integrated international Top Model photoshoot in the mix!  The photoshoot heme will be announced after each episode which leave enough time for each models to submit a photo. Each model will have 3 days to submit their photo following the results show - failure to submit a picture will results in one of the judges choosing a picture for you with a penalty score of 1 from one of the judges. 


In this edition of ANTM, the models will be judged by a panel of 3 judges including the host of this edition of ANTM. Each week, the judges will individually score the models' picture while also providing some feedback / reasoning behind their scores.  And the judges' score will only be revealed during the results show, as an element of surprise ! 


In this edition of ANTM, the public will award a score of 1 to 10 to each models, based on their respective photoshoot.  Please rest assure that the public score will be weighted to also reflect the judges' score.   As well, if I notice any bussing or bias towards certain models (e.g.: always the same score, a low score when it's obvious that it's not warranted),  I give myself the authority to not count the vote in question. 



The results for each week will be calculated on a 60-point scale, with a maximum possible score of 10 from each of the three judges, and a maximum possible average social media score of 30... The score of each model will not be revealed during call-out to avoid people from calculating and trying to predict the order / elimination of the models. 



This cycle, our production has decided to change things up regarding the elimination process...  Each week, the two model with the lowest combined score of the week will find themselves in the bottom 2.  And the model with the lowest average score of the competition, thus far, will be eliminated from the competition. In case of a tie, the fate of the models will be decided by their score of the week.  And the winner will be decided based on the average score of the entire competition!



This cycle's comeback will also see some changes!  The comeback series will take place until we have said goodbye to 7 models, and one of them will be able to return to the competition. Each week, the eliminated models will be submitting a photo that will fit the theme where they will get scored by the judges & the public alongside the models remaining in the competition. Only difference is that the judges will not be providing comments and their score will remain a secret up until the results of the comeback. The model with the highest average will find themselves back into the competition!    (Note: If a model wish to not participate in the comeback series or pull out at any point, they are free to let me know via PM).

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NAOMI CAMPBELL: Welcome to the cast reveal episode of ANTM : Heroes vs. Villains... 
Who will come on top, this cycle ? Will it be an hero or a villain ? Let's find out who they are!




Our first hero is Britain's very own, Alisha White from Cycle 18!


Our first villain is Cycle 9 and All-Stars model, Bianca Golden!


Joining the heroes, it is Cycle 9's runner-up, Chantal Jones!


Give it up for Cycle 6's winner, Danielle Evans, for the Heroes!


Our 2nd villain is no other than Elina Ivanova from Cycle 11!


Joining Bianca & Elina, it is model turned actress, Jessica Serfaty from Cycle 14!


She may want to be a villain but she's an hero, it is our very own Katarzyna Dolinska!


Fan favourite from Cycle 24, Khrystyana Kazakova is joining Team Heroes!


Joining her Cycle 9's sister on Team Villain,  give it up for Kimberly Leemans!


A villain that left her mark on ANTM's Cycle 19, it is Kristin Kagay!


Many consider her to be robbed on Cycle 11, it is Lauren Brie joining the Heroes!


A villain from Cycle 16, give it up for Monique Weingart!


Our last hero is no other than Cycle 15's very own, Rhianna Atwood!


We could not have a villain season without Cycle 10's winner, Whitney Thompson!

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Heroine and Villainess, are you ready to find out the first theme of the cycle ?

We are going all the way back to America's Next Top Model : Season 2...




























The goal for your first photoshoot will be to create a campaign ad for shoes a la Cycle 2.
We need to be convinced that you are selling the shoes and not just modelling the shoes.

You have free reign for this photo on how you choose to edit it, on the pose, etc... 

You have until THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST to submit your photo

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  • *Chris changed the title to ANTM : HEROES VS. VILLAINS (THEME #1 POSTED)

BREAKING NEWS:  Due to a production error during the announcement, we announced that Monique Calhoun was a contestant.  That being said, Monique Weingart from Cycle 16 is the one competing. 

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6 minutes ago, rdhaley96 said:

I’m really intrigued by this cast. A good mix of fan favorites and underdogs. 👍

And Whitney. :giggle:

Obviously the biggest IDF fan favourite!

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  • *Chris changed the title to ANTM : HEROES VS. VILLAINS (WEEK 1 - RESULTS POSTED)

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