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Let’s Dance Germany 2022 (Season 15) Dicussion

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Premiere date is February 18th.  

All fourteen contestants have been announced!


Riccardo Basile: TV and sports presenter

Bastian Bielendorfer: Author/comedian

Caroline Bosbach: Politician/author

René Casselly: Circus artist/Ninja Warrior Germany winner

Hardy Krüger Jr.: Actor

Sarah Mangione: Actor/presenter

Mathias Mester: Paralympian

Michelle: Singer

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht: Instagrammer/model

Amira Pocher: Presenter/podcaster

Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg: Princess/entrepreneur

Mike Singer: Singer-songwriter

Timur Ülker: Actor

Janin Ullmann: Actor/presenter


While I don’t know any of these names it looks like a good cast.  


Amira’s husband Oliver Pocher was on the show three years ago, his partner was Christina and they made it halfway.  I think that Mathias is the first little person to do the show.  


No news on pros yet, last two seasons they’ve been announced roughly two weeks before the launch show.  We know that Robert Beitsch has said that he isn’t returning and Patricija Belousova is 9 months pregnant and will probably not be ready to work by next month (she might be having her baby soon, she and fiancé Alexandru Ionel have been MIA on social media lately).  

Doing my IG detective work and based on the likes for the cast announcements, I’d say that Andrzej, Christian, Christina, Evgeny, Kathrin, Renata and Valentin seem likely to return.  Alexandru is liking a lot of posts but his participation doesn’t seem as certain because he’ll have a 1-month-old around when he’s preparing for the show.  The other pros from last season, Malika, Marta, Pasha and Vadim, haven’t been liking the recent posts about the upcoming season but Malika’s partner, Zsolt, has been liking some posts so maybe they’re involved in some way?  Marta’s absence would be surprising given her longitivtiy as a pro but also not that surprising given her partners over her run on the show.  Pasha has seemed done with the show based on his IG activity since near the end of last season.  I think Vadim was only brought back last year to partner Nicolas since he had experience dancing in an all-male partnership on the Austrian version.  Andrzej’s wife, Vica, has done the Pro-Challenge with him and she’s liking a lot of the posts so I wonder if she’s finally getting a pro spot or is just involved behind the scenes again?  Some of the other background dancers and DWTS Austria pros are liking the posts which is pretty expected but a pro from the Slovenian version, Martina Plohl, is liking a lot of posts (including the cast announcements), which is a bit unusual for a dancer from another version.  As winners of last year’s Pro-Challenge, one of Renata or Valentin will get to choose their partner.  Last year had a drawing of Christian and Christina’s names to determine who got to choose and Christian’s name was drawn; I think something similar will be done or if she can, Renata might give Valentin the chance to choose since she won last season, it’ll probably depend on how competitive they are feeling this year 😁


Edited to add: Alexandru & Patricija got married recently!

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