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RuPaul's Drag Race - UK vs The World


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01. Blu - What do they have to do to win a challenge? By far the best runway too.

02. Janey - So unexpected and one of the most stunning faces I’ve seen from any version of the show.

03. Pangina - A great showing tonight but I thought the entire thing was over the top. Definitely won the lip sync though.

04. Baga - I feel as if she put on the drama and it wasn’t 100% her but her performance was still better than those below. Decent runway.

05. Mo - I thought her performance in the challenge was just a mixture of all her lip syncs from previous seasons. There was no character in there at all. I didn’t even like the runway and thought the corset was so cheap. She would’ve easily fallen in to the bottom of the two below weren’t so horrendous. 

06. Jujubee - The makeup in the challenge was strange. The performance was nothing like Liza. The runway was atrocious. I think she was stronger in the challenge though.
07. Jimbo - Atrocious throughout the challenge but had a better runway than Jujubee. I still would’ve sent him home knowing how messy he’d been. I’ll say it again - a terrible performer.

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I am so sad Jimbo is out!  It was a lose-lose with that bottom 2.  While I think Jimbo should have been bottom 2, Jujubee shouldn't have (unless it was just based on the runway).


1. Pangina - slayed this episode top to bottom

2. Blu - I really liked blue this week in the challenge and on the runway.

3. Janey - based on runway and performance should have been safe, but I can see why she was in the Top.

4. Jujubee - should have been safe, there were two very clear options who could have been Bottom 2.

5. Mo Heart - I thought this was bottom two worthy if they were going to push Baga through.  

6. Jimbo - Should have been Bottom 2, but should have stayed.  This sucks seeing Jimbo leave!

7.  Baga Chipz - should not be in the competition anymore.  Has been mediocre to bad every week.  Not sure how she keeps advancing week in and week out.  Her tantrums are not needed.

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Terrible challenge this week.


1. Pangina Heals - The Moment. I can't get enough of this queen, she is perfection.

2. Jimbo - Such a whack elimination, Jimbo definitely left this season in an even more positive light than before she entered, I will definitely miss her

3. Janey Jacké - Her lipsync outfit was absolutely stunning

4. Blu Hydrangea - Probably should have been in the top for that outfit alone, Blu is consistently showing up

5. Mo Heart - I actually found her runway look a little messy. I know Mo has more in her so I hope she steps it up here soon

6. Jujubee - She has a defeated energy to her this go-around which makes me really sad. Her runway look was NOT becoming

7. Baga Chipz - See Elliott's comment.

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uhm damn just finished the episode and yikes. I liked the family feud style snatch game, fun twist.



1. Blu Hydrangea - I hope she is prepared for the tongue lashing she is going to get.  She was the best of the week and best in the lip sync. Is she the front runner now?

2. Jujubee - SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BOTTOM 2.  Listen it was no Chad Michaels Cher but it was funny.  I liked her runway more then Bagas.

3. Baga Chipz - Baga killed the snatch game, but her runway was a shitty versions of Blu's down to the styles and the colors.

4. Pangina Heals - did terrible this week, but should not have left.  The frontrunner is gone for the second week in a row. 

5. Mo Heart - i thought her snatch game was bad, but I was living for that runway.  

6. Janey Jacke - in what world did she survive this week after that awful performance?  Not a great runway either.  


I am surprised the rumix is next episode, what are they going to do for the finale.  Are they going to do something new? 

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01. Baga - Queen of the Snatch Game. Loved her runway too. Maybe the best she has ever looked? I love that she gives us British drag and I’m here for it.

02. Blu - Great week for Blu and I’m glad they decided to play the game. The World aren’t afraid to send a front runner home.

03. Mo - Only this high for the runway.

04. Jujubee - What an awful runway. The cheap dress, the awful hair, the make up. I didn’t find her Cher to be that funny either. She got lucky this week.

05. Janey - Loved her runway and I didn’t mind the Snatch Game. Not her strongest week.

06. Pangina - By far the weakest this week. I’m not even mad about it.

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Just now, Zoey said:

Can we take a moment to recognise how India Ferrah’s track record was stronger than Jujubee’s at this point? :wub:



I will take a Roxxsy Andrews style season for Jujubee if that is what it takes to get her to the end.



I hope Jujubee wins the next episode :wub:

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4 hours ago, *Lily said:

 but after watching that lip-sync…did we really

lmao I was legit anticipating Ru deciding to rig the season and be like "Ladies, neither of you won that lip sync and I will be choosing who to eliminate 🙂"

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01. Blu Hydrangea - Lowkey being slept on by the judges. Blu has been solid every single week this season, and I loved their snatch game. Also I'm here for Blu being an even hornier Irish twink ❤️

02. Mo Heart - Hardcore being slept on by the judges. Mo Heart + being a solid third placer when they decide to do a Bottom 4, name a more unfortunate duo. The runway was one for the ages, and I think she deserves some props for creating the Billy Porter outfit out of thin air.

03. Janey Jacké - Another stumble, but I still really like Janey. My only criticism for the runway was I think the dress would've worked better in a gold or silver colour rather than the pink.

04. Jujubee - I will always love Jujubee, but this season has been a rough spot. That last runway was horrible.

05. Baga Chipz - Not a fan, but she delivered in snatch game so I'll give her credit for that.


Also with the spoilers that Baga was the one to eliminate Pangina and the edit of the entire episode being "Baga wants to avenge Jimbo," I was #shook that Blu was the one to cut Pangina.

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