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Weekly Rank the Racers: TAR 33


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Episode 9:

1. Arun & Natalia (+2) - They are CARRYING the drama in this post Akbar & Sheri and Lulu & Lala world ❤️.

2. Kim & Penn (+3) - Kimcentric episodes are turning out to be great ❤️. She checked out of the race like four legs ago but she's somehow very good and just going on autopilot hating everything :wub:

3. Raquel & Cayla (-1) - Legends finally getting their leg win ❤️. Race win is next!

4. Ryan & Dusty (=) - Dusty being a hot mess in the back of the pack >>>>> Dusty being a cocky assh*le in the front.

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4 rankings lol


1. Raquel & Cayla (=) - 1.8

2. Arun & Natalia (+1) - 2.5 (Higher than Kim & Penn 2/4 times, peak position #1)

2. Kim & Penn (+1) - 2.5 (Higher than Arun & Natalia 2/4 times, peak position #2)

4. Ryan & Dusty (+1) - 3.3


Overall ranking will go until Wednesday, March 16th at 9 pm.

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include all the teams in your rankings.

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My final Rankings now (versus rankings after the first episode)


1. Raquel & Cayla (=)
2. Lulu & Lala (+1)
3. Kim & Penn (+2)
4. Arun & Natalia (+2)
5. Ryan & Dusty (-1)
6. Ray & Caro (-4)
7. Connie & Sam (=)
8. Akbar & Sheri (+2)
9. Taylor & Isaiah (-1)
10. Michael & Moe (-1)
11. Anthony & Spencer (=)

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1. Lulu & Lala - Rarely have we ever gone wrong with twins on this show :wub:. Lulu & Lala gave us drama, they gave us heart, they gave us challenge beasts, they gave us rootable underdogs. Anything we could want and more.

2. Akbar & Sheri - Sheri is easily my favorite racer of the season and I want 100 more seasons of her. Akbar was simply a prop to bring the best out of Sheri.

3. Raquel & Cayla - I don't think they're gonna be a team I remember forever, but I still very much enjoyed them and rooted for them.

4. Arun & Natalia - Sadly invisible about half the episodes, but when they were shown they were stars.

5. Caro & Ray - Definitely the early boot I feel most robbed of. I wish we got to see more of them.

6. Kim & Penn - Loved Kim, Penn was kinda annoying but overall harmless.

7. Ryan & Dusty - Shock ranking? After their flop downfall, they kinda became fun to root against 🙈. I'm certainly not a fan, but I appreciate their entertainment value.

8. Connie & Sam - I think they might've had potential.

9. Taylor & Isaiah - Sweet, but obviously didn't see much of them.

10. Anthony & Spencer - Could've been season ruiners but I suppose we'll never know.

11. Michael & Moe - I kinda wanna ironically stan them being the Francesca Hogi of The Amazing Race, but they're kinda annoying and someone's gotta be last so here we are.

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Oops, I was very late but I'd like to join the final ranking if I may.


1. Raquel & Cayla - It's been a while since I've rooted for a female/female team (last one was the twinnies lol). It's painful to watch those last few moments of the last leg. I was hoping to finally have a female/female team to win again (I really can't remember the last one lol I only remember Nat & Kat and Kisha & Jenn  :blargwave:).

2. Penn & Kim - I'm living for Kim's last minute save on the last leg (and her thirst comments for Penn :haha:).

3. Akbar & Sheri - Only because of Sheri constantly proving Akbar wrong and basically carrying the whole team.

4. Arun & Natalia - They're a lucky chaotic team that was fun to watch.

5. Lulu & Lala - I was rooting so hard for R&C that I kinda forgot about them :dead: I did wish they made it to the F3 instead of R&D tho.

6. Ray & Caro - I was rooting for them pre-season. So I was sad about them breaking up. Still, would've wanted to see more from them.

7. Ryan & Dusty - Ryan is probably one of the most zen (and super kind lol) person I've seen on the race, he's the only reason they're this high.


I really don't know the majority of these, honestly.


8. Connie & Sam

9. Taylor & Isaiah

10. Michael & Moe

11. Anthony & Spencer 


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1. Raquel & Cayla - They were queens, sad they did not win, but they did a great job always being fabulous.

2. Arun & Natalia - I just loved to root for them because they were so terrible but continued to come in last in NELs and second to last in elimination legs :wub: I am sure they annoyed everyone else to no end! Also they were just great personalities and I loved their dynamic.

3. Akbar & Sheri - Honestly, Sheri just drags Akbar up here because she is such a star ❤️ Love her so much, I feel like Alex and I had the exact same thoughts on people this season lolol or at least a lot of them

4. Ryan & Dusty - I mean, their abs drag them up here. Ryan was honestly amazing, Dusty really drags them down, but I guess not that much for me because pretty much all couples have at least one person I am not a fan of.

5. Kim & Penn - Loved Kim, Penn is a secret serial killer, I swear.

6. Lulu & Lala - I really loved the twins in the beginning and for some reason I guess they dropped off for me. Their shade towards Raquel & Cayla was unappreciated hence they get punished for that 🙂 

7. Caro & Ray - CARO so upset we didn't get more of her. Stupid Ray causing them to break up (I'm just blaming Ray because it could not possibly be Queen Caro's fault! :wub:)

8. Connie & Sam - I really loved this mom and dad and loved to see such a diverse family that rivaled the United Nations ❤️ Sad we were robbed of more of them. Damn COVID.

9. Taylor & Isaiah - Ugh another major loss to the pandemic. Adorable gay couple who danced fabulously, I wanted more!

10. Anthony & Spencer - One team I didn't care could not come back. Although one of them was hot, I don't know which is which so not sure whose name it was, but it's obvious looking at them.

11. Michael & Moe - How did we lose so many good teams to bring back these flops? Anyways, they were the epitome of fodder.

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8 rankings overall


Overall (+/- from Episode 1)

1. Raquel & Cayla (=) - 1.4

2. Lulu & Lala (=) - 3.3 (Higher than Arun & Natalia 4/8 times, peak position #1)

3. Arun & Natalia (=) - 3.3 (Higher than Lulu & Lala 4/8 times, peak position #2)

4. Kim & Penn (+4) - 4.0

5. Akbar & Sheri (+2) - 5.9

6. Ryan & Dusty (=) - 6.0

7. Connie & Sam (-2) - 6.4

8. Caro & Ray (-4) - 6.5

9. Taylor & Isaiah (=) - 8.9

10. Michael & Moe (+1) - 9.8

11. Anthony & Spencer (-1) - 10.8

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Weekly Rank the Racers: TAR 33

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