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Covers on the show that you genuinely like better than the original recording.


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"Better than the original" is a term that´s thrown around way too lightly in my opinion. So I want to know if there are any covers/performances on the show that you liked better than the original, assuming that you heard it before or after the contestant covered it.



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First that come to mind



Kyla jade - one night only


Jennifer is a beast of a vocalist, ive watched the movie version and 2 live performances, but I prefer the dynamics in kyla's cover and use of her lower register. 



Jej Vinson - passionfruit

Christiana Danielle- hotline bling


They made monotonous songs infinitely more interesting.



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Koryn Hawthorne - Make It Rain

Every time I hear another version, including the original, I’m underwhelmed.


Chris J - Cry Me A River

It’s sooo much better than the original.


Sarah Simmons - One of Us



Amanda Brown - Dream On

Amy Vachal - Blank Space

Lauren Duski - You Were Meant For Me (tough one because I love Jewel, but I think I like Lauren’s approach better)


I’m sure I’m forgetting others.


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•Koryn Hawthorne- Make it Rain

•Christiana Danielle- Hotline Bling

•Paris Winningham- Tennessee Whiskey 

•Sisaundra Lewis - New York State of Mind
•SandyRedd- River

 •Bella Denapoli- Damaged

•Karli Webster and Addison Agen- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

•Addison Agen- Jolene

•Chloe Kohanski- Landslide

•Jeremy vs. Jershika- Hold On


And more i dont feel like thinking about right now 😁



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I have a lot to say but I'll start with the first thing that came to mind with this thread


Zan Fiskum - Blowin' in The Wind....


also another one that deserves a shoutout imo

Bella DeNapoli - The Sweet Escape (the recorded version....chefs kiss)


Ngl, I tend to prefer the contestant's performances over the original songs in many occasions, so the list would be pretty long lol


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An example that quickly comes to mind is Jeremy and Jershika´s battle of Hold On by Justin Bieber. I only heard the original once or twice when it was revealed they were singing that song. After their performance aired, I haven´t gone back to the original at any point. I just listen to their version.

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I've gotten so used to hearing Sid Kingsley's version of "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" that even when I discovered the Peter, Paul and Mary version (who's version of Blowin' In The Wind I adore), I still preferred Sid's version.


Yes, I know it's by Bob Dylan but I merely just respect him for his lyrics because I'm not a fan of how he sings.

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5 hours ago, Hsamid said:

Jordan is one of my favourites.. but it's hard to top Freddie Mercury.

Freddie is a beast vocalist but on that particular song I prefer Jordan. Not only do I like Jordan's version more but I also think that he did a better job too. Freddie might've done better better if he was in a competition like Jordan was.

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