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Who did you prefer between Matthew/Will, CWB/Anita, Amy/Madi???

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Matthew Shuler - Cosmic Love
    • Will Champlin - When I Was Your Man
  2. 2. Choose one

    • CWB - Can't You See
    • Anita Antoinette - Rude
  3. 3. Choose one

    • Amy Vachal - A Sunday Kind of Love
    • Madi Davis - A Case of You

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1. Both killed it. Matthew was more bombastic and Will more understated. I'm leaning Matthew by a bit here.


2. I love reggae and did enjoy some of Anita's work on the show, but this didnt do it for me. Easy win for Craig, it helps that I love southern rock as well, and this performance put him on the map. Love the power and personality he put on that one.


3. Tough one, since I really enjoyed both, but I felt Madi was more connected, and that's a key aspect when singing Joni. She wins for me, but both deservingly advanced.

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1. Both really delivered here. Matthew was fantastic here and delivered another amazing performance and Will had a really good performance as well. I would pick Matthew here because he was on another planet.

2. Craig. This was definitely his breakout performance and I don’t remember Anita being as impactful.

3. Madi. Again, a breakout performance from her. I don’t remember Amy’s doing as much for her


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