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Sound alikes (Part 2)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Brynn Cartelli
    • Allegra Miles
  2. 2. Choose one

    • Maelyn
    • Bekah
  3. 3. Choose one

    • Desz
    • Jershika

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1. Allegra is a more impressive vocalist imo so her.


2. Maelyn easily. Flawless run vocally. Can't say the same for Bekah.


3. Jershika has Desz beat on versatility and maybe vocal agility. But I think I prefer Desz in every other category. She also didn't have as much noticeable pitch issues live compared to Jershika.

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1. Brynn - Her run wasn't great overall but I liked Ready for it, Here Comes Goodbye, and Skyfall.


2. Bekah - Both have magical voices. Loved Maelyn's Audition, CB, and The Scientist. But I have loved Bekah in every single round. Her voice on Wichita Lineman and Dust in the wind was just .... 😍


3. Jerhsika - Not a fan of both but I did love "Hold on" and "Inseparable".

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Brynn was 14/15, Allegra was 17. Brynn had to sing live, Allegra’s were all studio recordings. Allegra had poor diction even with the recorded “live” performances, which is likely the reason she didn’t make it past the semi-finals. 

Maelyn is far superior to Bekah, and the fact that it’s even close reeks of recency bias. 

Desz had a more consistent run than Jershika, and I prefer her tone as well. 


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I'm not ignoring Brynn's technical issues and there were some for sure but her level of showmanship and a clear sense of artistry have always impressed. It never felt forced like Allegra's, imo. Sorry, I know that may be harsh but never bought into Allegra's artistry. It all felt like the old soul, quirky teenage girl born in the wrong generation schtick. Also, HCG tops anything Allegra has done.

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I’m going to go for these


1. Allegra. I enjoyed her run on the show more. Now let’s see what her run on Idol is like

2. Maelyn. I love Bekah but she excelled in a group while Maelyn excelled on her own.

3. This is really hard, but I’m just going with Desz here. Jershika made it tough with her longer run, but Desz had some really memorable performances in a shorter run.

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