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The Voice Year 2019(Poll)

Hamza Tufail


59 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Season

    • Season 16
    • Season 17
  2. 2. Favorite Winner

    • Maelyn
    • Jake Hoot
  3. 3. Favorite Runner-up

    • Gyth Rigdon
    • Ricky Duran

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Man, these 3 results are going to be brutal. The winners are gonna take it by a landslide.


1. S17 for me, easily. Really had fun watching it, and I loved the cast for the most part, plus we got a great Final 4. I enjoyed S16 at the beginning a lot, but once the CB hit, things got messed up for me. I did enjoy some of the country guys though, but too much is too much indeed.


2. Maelyn. Way more consistent and very ethereal tone. Jake´s  battle, KO and T8 are phenomenal, but he had lots of bumps in between and after for me.


3. Ricky, easily. One of my all time favorite contestants on the show, whereas I pretty much only enjoyed Gyth´s blind and battle. The rest was not for me.

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The only thing that season 16 could possibly ever win is with winner. That entire season is a tragedy.

Season 17 is fantastic overall, even with some questionable contestants and decisions (namely, whatever Kelly Clarkson was on that season)

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So everyone commenting the same thing lmao. Tells you more about S16 than S17, what a tragic format the former had :no:


Maelyn Vs Jake? Obviously Jake tbh, Ima be honest..... Maelyn was too pretty and too good now that I'm thinking about it :teeheewave: 

And we can't have actual good vocalists win this show now can we?(A joke, I didn't even have to think about it, Queen Maelyn wins this)


I gave some crap to Ricky in his season, but I realize he wasn't too bad. And compared to Gyth the patriot, Ricky knocks his whole run out of the field.

Although props to Gyth for giving the funniest performance of the season! "God Bless The USA" iconic performance tbh :wub:

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19 hours ago, Discovolcano said:

Am I the only one who likes the cross battles format way better then the normal KOs?

The idea was interesting on paper, but in the practice it was a freaking mess. Of course, that was expected considering the "brilliant" audience of the show. 


Also, i'm convinced that the contestants need a chance to shine before going into the pressure of the live shows. The Cross-Battles didn't allow them to have that. Skipping from battles to lives was an awful idea



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10 minutes ago, Gustavo527 said:

The idea was interesting on paper, but in the practice it was a freaking mess. Of course, that was expected considering the "brilliant" audience of the show. 

If you´re talking about almost all of Blake´s contestant winning their matches, I get that it was too much, but if you look at their performances vs their opponents from other teams, I´d argue that all of them deservedly won on the Cross Battles. Like, I didn´t like Gyth´s take on Conway Twitty that round, but he killed Abby´s Carrie Underwood mess.


It was on the playoffs where I didn´t agree that 5 of his members got voted through instead of several others.


But what I hated about the CB was the fact that it brought out the worst in several contestants. I mean, not knowing who you´ll be up against until the last minute, not having time to process it, and on top of that, not having in-ears for the first week was chaos. That´s why the second week was a bit better, since they realized that. But I wouldn´t want that format back.

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The cross battles did let us know who could sing live. Unfortunately, there was only one. 😂 


In all fairness, there were a few others who weren’t bad, but it was the worst collection of live performances I can remember. However, I do think the overwhelming majority of those who have won the show would have been able to handle it just fine. 

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S17 easily (Rose/Ricky/Will are favorites for a reason, and I liked several other pre-lives eliminees too)


Maelyn, no contest (though Hoot is one of the better country guys we’ve had on the show)


Ricky, easily (though Gyth’s iconic Semis performance continuing to live rent-free in IDF’s brain is amusing)

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1 hour ago, Classicrocker1993 said:

^ Ricky's Born under a bad sign and Team Blake's george harrsion cover with the most people on stage live in mine rent free

Ricky had a very solid run in the Lives and he was consistently good. I remember a lot of his performances being really good, both in prelives and lives.

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S17 by default because 16 was such a tragic mess. Maelyn is one of the best winners of all time so her obviously. Not a Gyth fan at all so I went with Ricky. I gotta say, I don't usually like country males but Hoot has proven to be one of the few exceptions.

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