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Rank the Team Ariana Season 21 Knockouts


Your Favorite Season 21 Team Ariana Knockout  

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Bella DeNapoli - Chandelier
    • David Vogel - Lose You to Love Me
    • Jim & Sasha Allen - Home
    • Katherine Ann Mohler - Poison
    • Katie Rae - Hold On To Me
    • Manny Keith - Golden
    • Raquel Trinidad - Valerie
    • Ryleigh Plank - Midnight Sky

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  • TheVoiceFan2 changed the title to Rank the Team Ariana Season 21 Knockouts

Mandolin intro, harmonica, harmonies, great song choice and overall feel good factor? Check, check, check, check and check.

1. Jim and Sasha


Loved it! Fantastic arrangement and vocal.

2. David


Great Job!

3. Katie

4. Raquel


A bit shaky on the lows, but  she shone in her upper register.

5. Ryleigh


Props to both for the creativity, but those were some choppy vocals.

6. Bella

7. Katherine


This didn´t work for me.

8. Manny


This round is why I was looking forward to Jim and Sasha in the lives. Unfortunately, it didn´t work out, but I´ll remember their run on the show with this performance.

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There's a reason why they were Ari's best knockout pair......ICONIC!!!

1. Ryleigh

2. David


Stunning all around

3. Jim & Sasha


Great vocals, but a bit underwhelming compared to their other performances

4. Raquel

5. Katie Rae


Loved the arrangement, vocals had some off parts in the highs

6. Bella


TPTB with the busses.....

7. Katherine

8. Manny

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1. Jim & Sasha Allen (creative arrangement, feel-good vibes, and solid harmonies)

2. David Vogel (sometimes, simple and stripped-down is all a song needs to work)

3. Ryleigh Plank (those high notes - ma’am??? Hello???)

4. Katie Rae (worked really well, and a fresher song choice than “You Say”)

5. Raquel Trinidad (killer stage presence and a fun, upbeat choice)

6. Bella DeNapoli (creative arrangement, but some of the high notes were off)

7. Manny Keith (when someone remembers the dance break more than the actual vocal, that’s not a good sign)

8. Katherine Ann Mohler (the bus that got delivered after a battle song choice that catered more to her than her opponent…yikes)

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