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Best Final 2 Showdown.


Best Final 2 Showdown.  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • S10: Alisan Porter vs Adam Wakefield
    • S13: Chloe MK vs Addison Agen
    • S21: Girl Named Tom vs Wendy Moten
    • S20: Cam Anthony vs Kenzie Wheeler

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I'm not asking for who you think the strongest Top 2 is, but which battle you enjoyed the most, as in, we didnt know who out of the two was gonna win, they could have been even on SM, and it kept things suspensful and interesting.


Which "showdown" you enjoyed the most? I chose seasons in which the predicted T2 ended up as such, no surprises, as in Ricky finishing ahead of Katie, or Toneisha ahead of Thunderstorm, or Jim suddenly going to runner up after semis, since it was too short.


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1. GNT vs Wendy- Great winner and runner up combo

2. Alisan vs Adam- Loved Alisan but Adam was also solid

3. Chloe vs Addison- Neither were a favorite but it was pretty even

4. Cam vs Kenzie- I liked one so much better than the other

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I'm going with Cam vs Kenzie on this one. Despite the short season, it was entertaining not knowing who of the two was gonna take it all. It literally could have gone either way. 


Addison vs Chloe was entertaining as well, definitely i enjoyed that one. But i would have been happy with any of the two winning, so it was not as entertaining  


Adam vs Alisan was brutal as well, but it was lowkey obvious that Alisan was gonna win. 


Now, GNT vs Wendy. Yeah, i personally honestly never doubted about GNT winning, so...

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I thought we were ranking the Final 2s of the season when I saw that.


If it’s based off the biggest fight, Cam vs Kenzie actually wins for me because it was tough to predict this outcome, and it helps that I had a strong preference in this race. Alisan vs Adam is also up there, but it’s not #1 because I wasn’t aware of how much of a fight that one was. Chloe vs Addison was also a fight, but I wasn’t really invested because neither was a snowflake for me. With GNT and Wendy, GNT had a huge lead on Wendy in the early weeks of Lives and before finale week, Paris and Hailey were competing for a Top 2 spot.

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