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Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (10-12-14 may 2022)


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And here is how I saw the performances of the remaining 3 of the Big Five, as presented by Eurovision.tv:


9.59 United Kingdom

Suffer no delusions; this is a potential winner for Sam Ryder (my #1 before the contest started); but I'm worried about 2 things:  (1) That cage he is standing in, somehow, doesn't look right for a song like his; and (2) I'm really worried that his rearrangement of the end part with his guitar might cost him a few points here and there.  I hope I'm wrong.


9.42 Germany

If Malik Harris were singing this song alone on stage (no props), he'd be at an even bigger risk of coming away with a blank scorecard.  What he has on stage is perfect for this song:  Instruments around him, with the stage, lights and mist giving the appearance of a dusty studio after years of non-use by a band long disbanded; with him in regular clothes.  He is giving us the appearance of how things are now, while describing the way things used to be.  I hope it's enough for him to come away with some points, because he is singing in the middle (13th), at risk of being forgotten by those before him (Ukraine sings 12th) and after him.


9.48 Spain

Is it just me, or is Chanel's performance top-heavy on dance and not enough on vocals?  Though I (gravely) misread Eleni Foureira's 2018 performance, it had more of a balance between singing and dancing.  Bookies have Chanel at #5 right now, and it remains to be seen if she gives Spain their first top-10 (and certainly top-20) finish since Ruth Lorenzo in 2014.


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One other thing:  GET YOUR CALCULATORS READY!  Once the jury roll-call is over, they will announce televote points, quite probably (once again) starting with the country with the lowest jury score.


With 40 countries in this contest, 4,640 points will be distributed; 2,320 from the jury and 2,320 from the televoters.  When they get down to the last 4, we may have an idea of who might win.  When there is one left, we will know who won minutes before they make the final announcement, because of the points that that remain on the board; but then again, there could be a scenario where there could be 2 countries remaining, and the points that are left on the board are not enough to overtake the leader if the lead is bigger than the number of points left to give out.


When they're ready for the televote roll-call, start with 2,320 and subtract from there.

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12 minutes ago, paparizouqueen said:

Here in Spain the feeling is INSANE, the people expect a good result and the ratings will be BIG (at least 7 or 8 million viewers) happy eurovision night everyone 




Hey, a fellow español! :w00twave:

And yeah, hopefully we get a good result for once. I’m expecting 6th-8th but crossing fingers we are Top 5 (I don’t see us winning tho, it’s probably between UK, Sweden and Ukraine)


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2 hours ago, world_idols said:

if ukraine win this years contest

then it has nothing to do with there song


i belive its becours of the wars  there is going on there

The Kalush Orchestra were contenders before Russia moved in.  They were offered the spot on February 17, after finishing 2nd at Vidbir and after Alina Pash's withdrawal.  For the week before Russia attacked, they were 5th most of the time on the bookies' boards.


Yes; it may have contributed to their rise to number 1 on the boards; but for them, it had to be just as hard a job (if not harder, given the situation they're in) to stay there to the very end, as it is for the other contenders to steal it from them.

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3 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Really love Czech's song ! I think it could be hard to dethrone that song as my potential favourite. 

I spoke too quickly as Portugal got me hook from the start :giggle: 

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2 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Really love Czech's song ! I think it could be hard to dethrone that song as my potential favourite. 

I liked it also

1 minute ago, *Chris said:

Romania's song is super fun but as a whole, it's a bit weak especially after following Czech. 



I like this from Portugal 

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Finland's song is actually enjoyable which surprised me. I thought their performance was good but if I am being honest, it felt that they were just trying to replicate whatever worked for Maneskin, last year.

So far:

  1. Czech
  2. Portugal
  3. Finland
  4. Romania
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Beautiful song from Switzerland, and I really loved the message of the song - probably one of the most relatable, thus far. That being said, I cannot see people rallying behind this song - their song last year >>>> this year.


So far:






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