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What will you do during the off season


What will do while waiting for S22?  

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  1. 1. What will you watch Off Season?

    • Watch American Idol
    • Watch International Voice (UK AU etc)
    • Watch other singing show, ( American Song Contest etc) name it the comment
    • Watch non singing competition show (name it in the comment)
    • Take a break from all competition show

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The voice has always been doing 2 season a year since S2. So for the first time we have 10 month before S22.


So what will you do?


I'll probably watch Idol since an ex-voice contestant will be on


Allegra Miles

I'll keep an eyes on American Song Contest to see if it's any good. 


International voice becoming too hard to find episode I'm not sure it's worth it. I used to do it but meh.


If there any good dance competition I'm in. 

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Honestly, I´ve never been able to get into Idol. Something about the whole atmosphere and the age limit doesn´t sit well with me. I´ve liked some artists though: Alejandro Aranda, Just Sam, Arthur Gunn, and Murphy, but I´ve checked them out separately.


I´ll probably take a break as a whole from watching singing competitions live and simply check some of the contestants that end up interesting me, if so.

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I'm just gonna watch whatever singing competition is on, but I won't pay as much attention as I do on The Voice.

I'm probably gonna finally catch up on the movies and TV series I missed in the last three months as well.

Also excited to see what my snowflakes will do in the beginning of 2022. They're making moves for sure. 

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