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The Voice S21 Winner CELEBRATION Thread


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I mean...


Bekah is an angel. Her voice is soothing and she has a lot of power. She leads songs effortlessly and makes the most out them.


Josh´s enthusiasm is great to see. He has a very crisp tone and I love his higher register. "River" was his highest moment on the show, imo.


Caleb provides the instrumentation by himself on most occasions. Be it piano or guitar, he handles it beautifully, and while harmonizing. Love his twang too.


This was a team effort all around. And it did wonders for them.

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24 minutes ago, Maxwell said:

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to start anything. I was just confused on what they meant by evil.

no problem, just didn't want the thread to go off topic :peace: Wendy is one of my faves also

14 minutes ago, wildestinvegas said:

I was refering to Blake yeah. Wendy is super talented and would be a great winner ofc.

lol I figured you meant Blake since he has won so much

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