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Best Performances Of All Time

Hamza Tufail

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All the performances of Season 21 have been finished. Let's see if there's any performance this season that you can put in the all-timer list. I think it would be interesting to see which performances made the cut for you.



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Jershika and GNT KO's for me. I still haven't listened to Wendy's finale performances after my stream refused to let me listen to the both of them, but if we're basing on the studio, "Over The Rainbow" is definitely a contender as well.


Oh and the Bella vs Katie battle was :wub:

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Without thinking too much I must say that technically and vocally speaking Wendy's Over the Rainbow has to make this list, the fact that she nailed that LIVE... I like Wendy but I haven't been a super fan of hers all season long but that was just stunning and stellar vocals right there.


I have to mention GNT, Jershika, Paris and Shadale's KOs too

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Wendy's Audition and Paris' and GNT's KOs for the taped rounds.


For the lives, I'd say Wendy's Over The Rainbow.


All of these performances are in my top 10.



1. Alisa Porter - Blue Bayou

2. Maelyn Jarmon - Fields Of Gold

3. Jordan Smith - Chandelier

4. Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out

5. Sandy Redd - River




1. Chloe mk - Landslide

2. Mathew Shuler - Cosmic Love 

3. Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World

4. Cam Anthony - Feeling Good

5. Paris Winningham - Tennessee Whiskey

6. Kyla Jade - You Don't Own Me

7. Adam Wakefield - Bring It On Home To Me

8. GNT - Witchita Lineman

9. Jordan Smith - Set Fire To The Rain

10. Tessanne Chin - Stronger




1. Jordan Smith - Somebody To Love

2. Amanda Brown - Dream On

3. Wendy Moten - Over The Rainbow

4. Maelyn - The Scientist

5. Kyla Jade - One Night Only

6. Cam - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

7. Matt McAndrew - The Blower's Daughter

8. Amber Carrington - Stay

9. Kimberly Nichole - House Of The Rising Sun

10. Mathew Shuler - Hallelujah

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Alisans Blue Bayou

Lexi Davila Anything can happen

Chloe's Landslide

Chloe's total eclipse of the heart 

Maelyn The Scientist

Addison Beneath your beautiful

Christina Grimmie Wrecking Ball 

Christina Grimmie Hold on were going home 

Koryn Hawthorne Oh Mary won't you weep

Amy vachal to make you feel my love 



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Best live performances in no particular order


 Jordan Smith - Somebody to love

Kyla Jade - One night only

 Matthew Schuler - Hallelujah

Tessanee Chin - Bridge over troubled water

Matt McAndrew - Blowers daughter

 Sissuandra Lewis - New York State Of Mind

Makenzie Thomas - Emotions

Wendy Moten - Over The Rainbow

Amanda Brown - Dream on

Kimberly Nichole - HOTRS




Koryn Hawthorne -Make it rain

Kymberli joye - break every chain

Desz - dont let go

Cam Anthony - stand up

Chris Blue - rhythm Nation



Best prelives


Davon fleming - I am changing

Terrence Cunningham - my girl

Maelyn Jarmon - fields of gold

Madi Davis/ James wolpert - case of you

Chloe mk - Landslide

John Holiday - Misty

Matthew schuler - cosmic love

Wendy Moten - ain't no way

GNT - Wichita lineman

Mendelyev - Girl from North country




Too many but the first that come to mind


Zaxai - cruisin

SandyRedd - river

Christiana danielle - hotline bling

Sissuandra lewis - ain't no way

Ali caldwell - No Ordinary Love

Desz - can we talk

Thunderstorm artis - Blackbird

Jej vinson - passionfruit

We Mcdonald- feeling good

Rose short - big white room

Rizzi Myers- breathin.





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Not sure if I can rank but I’ll do top tiers:

Hold On We’re Going Home - Christina Grimmie

Somebody to Love - Jordan Smith

HOTRS - Kimberly Nichole

Dream On - Amanda Brown

Listen - Shalyah Fearing

TEOTH - Chloe Kohanski

when the party’s over - Max Boyle

How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael

Don’t Let Go (Love) - DeSz

Wichita Lineman - Girl Named Tom

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Jordan Smith - Somebody To Love

Cassadee Pope - Over You

Maelyn Jarmon - The Scientist

GNT - Dust In The Wind

Chloe - Landslide

Matt - The Blower's Daughter

Lauren - Ghoost In This House

Mathew Shuler - Hallelujah

Sawyer Fredericks - I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Wendy Moten - OTR

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