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Finalist Poll 4: Favorite Paris Winningham Performance.


Finalist Poll 4: Favorite Paris Winningham Performance.  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose:

    • Superstition (BA)
    • Here and Now (Battle vs Jonathan Mouton)
    • Tennessee Whiskey (KO)
    • I Wish it Would Rain (PO)
    • What's Going On (T13)
    • Use Me (T11)
    • Amazed (T10)
    • Close the Door (Semifinals)
    • Me and Mrs Jones (Finale)
    • Ain't Nobody (Finale)

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Well damn.

1. Use Me

2. Tennessee Whiskey (This one changed everything for him, but I preferred Use Me by a hair)

3. I Wish It Would Rain

4. Here and Now


Great Job

5. Amazed

6. Superstition

7. What's Going On

8. Close the Door

9. Me and Mrs Jones


The only miss for me

10. Ain't Nobody


It was a pleasure having him as a snowflake this season. Loved his run and hope he does well after the show. I'll pay attention.

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