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Predictions after performances



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  1. 1. Who will win

    • Wendy
    • Jershika
    • Paris
    • Hailey
    • GNT

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I actually enjoyed everyone overall, but for winning performances/songs, here's what I think:


95% likely to win - GNT. Seemed to be frontrunners since KOs, they did their thing, congrats on the trophy. Don't fight each other over the money.


Prob not going to win - Jerishka. It is what it is I guess.


Could have won, but song choices bussed that - Hailey and Paris. Loved Hailey's set and liked Paris, but it seems TPTB didn't want them to interfere with Wendy/GNT Top 2. 


Leaves Wendy with a small chance to take it, but I don't think she can, I loved her cover ballad though.

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