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Who will win now that studios have been released

Sachin Jain

Who will win?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. ?

    • Wendy Moten
    • Paris Winningham
    • Jershika Maple
    • Hailey Mia
    • Girl named Tom

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Hailey 1. idontwannabeyouanymore

Hailey 2. Deja vu


Paris 1. Ain’t nobody 

Paris 2. Me and Mrs. Jones


Jershika 1. Rolling in the deep 

Jershika 2. I’m going down 


Wendy 1. Over the rainbow 

Wendy 2. How will I know


Girl named Tom 1. Baby now that I’ve found you 

Girl named Tom 2. The chain

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1. GNT

2. Wendy

3. Hailey

4. Paris

5. Jershika


Based on their studios, Hailey got modern songs while Wendy got songs that most of of the show's audience know. I still think GNT will win because their song selections are songs that are in their wheelhouse and they can easily get along with/ do comfortably. There's somehow something in my mind that says Paris has the chance to win the show but that's just basing on FB comments since there are criticisms with GNT, Wendy, Hailey, and Jershika advancing if we take a look and read the comments but still I think and feel that GNT will win. I placed Hailey third because I have that vibe that a young artist would place third like what happened during the twelfth season, I just got a similar vibe with it.

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I'd normally agree with the non-minivan-friendly-song-choice-complaint with Hailey, but I think she has more breathing room than some of the other artists remaining. She cuts across a swath of voting blocs, has strong key FB metrics which is indicative of minivan support, and there might a teen voting block introduced with Ariana this season that we don't normally have in previous seasons (however miniscule it might be, it's something). AI models will probably map her to Carter Rubin and Chevel Shepherd as fellow teen contestants who have secured the bag, so even those predictions would be strong. We do know that she didn't generate that many votes with Olivia's "Traitor" in the first playoffs, and "Peter Pan" also had worse FB metrics than her usual, but I'm betting she has more general support than Paris and definitely Jershika, and likely Wendy. By the way, have we considered the vote-splitting that might go on between Wendy, Paris, and Jershika in a 5-way battle? They all kind of occupy the same R&B belting space, and that's not even accounting for Wendy's at times subpar FB metrics (although she's coming on stronger in the stretch run).  


Hailey likely isn't going to win with the GNT stalwart in front of her, but GNT and she are the artists with the most breathing room to breathe life to subpar/not-necessarily-minivan-song choices. If that's the belief, the long game is the best play-out, and Hailey's a 14-year old girl singing age appropriate songs (although it's weird how much Olivia has featured this season; also, she's covering two SoCal artists, let's see how that plays out). We could argue Wendy's singing age-appropriate songs too, as she isn't doing the Sam Smith ballad-ized version of "How Will I Know". 


Several other thoughts:

1) It's hard to top Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain". Their live version in the "The Dance" album back in '97 was the beat drop before the beat drop, when we went from the three-part harmonies to Fleetwood's manic drum beating, to Lindsey Buckingham's demon-possessed vocals and flurry of guitar strumming. Many versions since have been pasteurized, can't match the verve, and elicit inferior comparisons to the original. Based on GNT's studio here, yeah it's pasteurized. But it's a change of pace on the show, so it likely won't matter.

2) I like how Paris switched it up to "Ain't Nobody", although on its face, it's not really a switchup. But a guy who was stuck in '60s to '70s Motown finally hit the 1980s! with an actual funk verve song that plays to his scratchy growly vocals. Too bad, if there were another week, it's possible he might have hit the !90s. It's hard to believe this guy is 32. He takes on the air of a 60-year old dude and I'd argue he'd be a similar age of Wendy Moten or minivan with the way he presents himself. He might as well have been the Aaron Neville to Moten's Ronstadt in their duet. His sweaty workingman's smooth soul vibe clearly resonates with minivan, and was a preferred option against many of his now-eliminated competitors. 

3) Jershika's by the book with her song choices. I mean, she is what she is - an singing competition singer, a very competent belter to fill out the numbers. I only really liked her Paramore song choice, and maybe the New Edition audition but that's more because of the song than because of her. So really, only the Paramore. 

4) Can Wendy do the Israel Hawaiian version of Over The Rainbow?


Alright, here it is

1) GNT

2) Hailey

3) Wendy

4) Paris

5 Jershika


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