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Why Jordan won and Joshua not?



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  1. 1. What differs Joshua from Jordan?

    • Jordan peaked in his BA while Joshua didn't
    • Joshua had stronger competitors than Jordan
    • Jordan is technically better than Joshua
    • Other one (discuss)

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I'm by no means a Jordan Smith fan, but he's one of the most absurdly consistent vocalists in the history of the show and probably the best male one, comparing Joshua to him because they're both a bit theatrical is random, they don't even sing the same type of music really. Joshua's best vocal performance doesn't even get close to Jordan's worst, his voice is very limited even if he's one of the "good" vocalists from this season and Ashes highlighted that perfectly IMO. 


Of course Jordan had a lot going on for him, from his viral audition to his pre-lives performances that pretty much sealed the deal before the lives even started, but the comparison makes no sense to me considering that Joshua never had a breakout performance, he was always just passable and this place mainly turned him into something more than he is, due to how much people here have been thirsty for an "old-school" type of season with many frontrunners and dark horses.

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