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Who was/were the artist/s that grew on you the most throughout the season?


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Choose an artist that you didnt care for/disliked at the beginning that ended up growing on you as the season progressed.


It doesnt neccesarily means that you became a huge fan of them, but at least you've learned to respect/appreciate what they bring to the table.


I'll go and say Hailey Mia. Never got her in pre-lives, but she surprised me by delivering live. While she's not really my cup of tea musically speaking, I respect her handling the pressure well, especially at her age, and is now a well deserved finalist.

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Joshua for sure. He went from being someone I didn’t pay much attention to to one of my favorites in Lives because of his consistency. 


Hailey as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of her prelives but she had some really good performances in the Lives.

Jershika as well. Her audition wasn’t her best but she had some really good performances in Battles/Knockouts and Lives. I’m very happy she’s in the finale.


Lana was a contestant I didn’t really like at first, but then I liked some of her performances in the Lives


I didn’t really care for Katie in the beginning, but I enjoyed her battle and knockout more, and she ended up getting eliminated because she moved to a stronger team.


Paris is another contestant that I didn’t care for in the auditions, but I really liked him afterwards.


I though I would lose interest in Gymani going into Lives but she had some really good performances in Lives and thought she deserved to last a bit longer.


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Joshua and Hailey. Didn't particularly care for either until the lives. Traitor was the first time I was really impressed with Hailey, and Elastic heart sold me on her, and just seeing Joshua have no pitch issues week after week while tackling rangey songs, hard not to like him at that point. I'm gonna have to rewatch his performances think but I think he had the least vocal errors live. Only in his first instant save did I begin to notice a few shaky moments.

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I saw through poor song choices in blinds and battles and pegged Joshua as PV with Samuel on Team Legend but I didn't think I'd stan. Truly, an epic run. 

Also, Paris and Hailey. Still not a huge fan of Paris but he really won over my respect with Use Me. 

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Everybody in the top 8, except Wendy.  I only keep up when there's someone who grabs my attention at the beginning - Wendy for me this season. Fan from the start.  Loved GNT's BA but didn't think they could keep it up.


I guess J&S were a bell-shaped curve for me. Didn't care for them, liked a few things, really didn't like the rest.

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Tie between Joshua and Hailey.


Joshua - I wasn’t super crazy about his blind (not helped by one of my pre-season favorites being on the same night) or his battle, but I enjoyed his KO. When he ended up delivering live and beat two of my three favorites on Team Legend for a spot post-playoffs, I was like “eh why not I’ll root for him” and then I ended up getting attached enough that I cried a little bit when he was eliminated.


Hailey - her blind was impressive, but I’ve been burned before by teenagers with little live singing experience going into the playoffs, so I was nervous for her; thankfully, she proved me wrong. She has been consistently delivering over the past weeks so I am happy to have her in the finale.

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12 hours ago, Someone648 said:

Joshua. Didn't like him at first but was sad when he was eliminated.


I liked Jershika and Lana from the start but they grew on me even more and exceeded my expectations!


these are my exact three as well.


- I didn't care for any of Joshua's pre-live performances but I think that was mostly due to song choices. From the playoffs onward, I supported him.


- I actually thought Jershika was going to be my least favorite of the powerhouse divas based on her blind, but she ended up being my favorite, and tied with GNT for my favorite contestant of the season.


- For Lana, it was just a matter of her tone growing on me.

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