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Speculate the Playoffs Wildcard artists had the coach saves been different...


What If: Playoffs Wildcard Instant Save Edition  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Team Blake: Who would've sang in the Wildcard if Libianca was saved instead?

    • Lana Scott
    • Peedy Chavis
  2. 2. Team Legend: Who would've sang in the WC if Samuel Harness was saved instead?

    • David Vogel
    • Shadale
  3. 3. Team Ariana: Who would've sang in the WC if Bella DeNapoli was saved instead?

    • Raquel Trinidad
    • Ryleigh Plank

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Some of the coach saves in playoffs night were very different from the overall IDF initial predictions....how do you think the WC would have ended up if the coach saves were as IDF thought pre results?


This is basically a "who do you think had more votes" poll lol but it's a mini activity pre semis results 


Also, didn't include Team Kelly because of the question limit and I assumed most people would've said Gymani anyways

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For Team Blake, Peedy, because the soccer moms and cat ladies apparently loved his faux-Elvis schtick.


For Team Legend, Shadale, just because her numbers looked better than David's.


For Team Ariana, Raquel.  See my reason for Shadale.  Plus, Ariana's base had clearly gotten to the point that they were over Ryleigh.  It's a shame that Ariana couldn't see it.

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While I was making this thread I realized that if I had to guess, I don't think any coach chose the contestant who was third in votes. Maybe Blake with Lana over Peedy is the exception. I would guess that Hailey and Bella both had more votes than Gymani and Ryleigh respectively. Same with Samuel and Shadale, although I'm less confident about that one for some reason? 

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