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The Voice 21 ● Live Semi-Final Top 8 Performances ● Discussion


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Just now, Maxwell said:

Duct Tape GIF by A Black Lady Sketch Show

:haha:  I kinda understand Gabe's point though. She's used to being a faceless background singer... she needs to feel the songs in her face and let that out in her performances.  Her most animated parts were when she was talking to Paris during their duet.  Wendy needs to treat the audience like she's having a duet with us! :yes:

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1. GNT - A+ (Calling it, they will win. Placing them above Jershika because the performance made me cry. Such a sad song.)

2. Jershika - A+ 

3. Wendy - A+ (The only reason why I'm placing her on third is because she got bandzillad big time especially when she sang the low notes)

4. Paris - A- (Powerful but there are obvious pitchy moments, overall a great performance, i was doing my stank face all the time every time he belts out raspily)

5. Hailey - A- (Best SYL rendition in The Voice history)

6. Lana - B+

7. Jim and Sasha - B



1.  GNT x Hailey - B+ (I have high expectations from this quartet but was not met, still I enjoyed it the most)

2. Lana x Jim & Sasha - B+ (Pleasing performance with Lana carrying the whole performance)

3. Wendy x Paris - B+ (Underwhelming considering our knowledge of what both of them can do)

4. Jershika x Joshua - B+ (They were belting all the time, my ears hurt, powerful nonetheless)

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