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@Misirloureally is the one I go to everytime I need to discuss country songs, indeed 😆. And overall I always pay attention to their opinions. 

I feel like @TeamAudra @VintageVoice@FloorWaxusually has something interesting to say. 

@Bk1234 Always cares a lot about the contestants and usually brings the studios 👍

Disney1024 and their spawn accounts are an entertaining nemesis, at this point. 


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1 hour ago, Mistake006 said:

I’ll also mention


@thevoiceisthetopfor creating the song library, which must’ve taken forever. They always know what song was sung by who which comes in handy.


along with many of the other positive lights of IDF @Angeles @jarmon @VintageVoice @Torres @TheVoiceFan2

yea it took me almost 5-6 months tbh. But tbh I like using it as a resource

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Flattered ❤️


So many people to list

@Teraginnbecause duh. Iconic taste, Iconic contributions to the overall discussion here, Iconic vibes. Just iconic.

@jus.willyand @Bk1234 because without them, the spoilers would have been nothing this season!

@TeamAudra for keeping so many people in check here and being awesome with discussions

Some of the older ones like @Weirdoo @Kaito @wildestinvegasfor being forever iconic although I never see y'all on here anymore (although Weirdoo's been posting a lot again!)

And some of the relatively newer faces like @seak05 @Misirlou@VintageVoice@sydneysam @FloorWax@KimberlyxKyla for providing so much fun dialogue on here! (I know a lot of y'all aren't "new" but still lol)

And I definitely forgot a TON but just assume that I meant to include you here :thumbs:



Oh duh, @istersayfor keeping us in check and putting up with our consistent BS :haha:


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1 minute ago, Survivor said:

I’ll nominate @Bk1234for their consistent contributions to this forum!


@TeamAudrafor being a consistent fellow Hailey Mia stan


Before the IDFApocolypse, I would have nominated the late Great Team B

not team b 💀shoutout to my faves jazzy and monophy ❤️❤️ miss them wherever they are

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