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Jershika won that easily and I think I even predicted it which, I'm so sorry, Holly, it's been tough luck for you. I'm so sorry, too, Jeremy. It is what it is but at least you made Top 10, and at least you turned in better performances. 🥺


This also reinforces my belief that Ariana's pull is not enough. J&S are getting through because the casuals like them as long as they turn in decent performances. 


John better give Jershika a good song, she has a shot at the finale.

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3 minutes ago, thecarterfilez said:

Joshua/Jershika chances at finale is much better than Jim/Sasha IMO. and if the bottom 4 will be in the instant save... team legend will have at least 2/4 singing... that's not a bad thing.. 

It is if they end up splitting the votes.

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