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2 minutes ago, VoiceFan! said:

I think Jershika can make it! She might not make the finale, but at least we’ll have 2 more iconic performances by her. In the end, its the MUSIC and ARTISTS and SUCCESS after the show that matter, not the competition itself (thought it’d be great to see Jershika in the finale)


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1 minute ago, VintageVoice said:

They picked her unexpectedly and she and Sasha seem to have really hit it off + she clearly respects Jim’s musicality, which good for them, but strategy wise…it’s an oof.

I do wonder if we would have a different perspective on them if Sasha hadn’t started the lives sick.


He sounded very good last night, and sounded like a capable singer. They have nice harmonies and have cool arrangements with their music. 

But between being sick and likely nerves for lives, first couple of live performances were rough. So I’m interested in how they do next week. 

They aren’t the most talented vocalists, but that’s not what they are selling, however, what they are selling needs to sound good, and last night was the first time they really did. 

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