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1 minute ago, seak05 said:

It'll definitely be Hailey, but I'm hoping for Jershika and Lana

Jershika and Lana should advance. They are much more serious singers. We need a minimum age of 18 (maybe even 19 as that's the age of majority in two states), with a high school diploma/GED mandatory so school comes first. Kids need to just be kids and be out of the spotlight until they are legal adults. Plus, they would be much better singers at 19 than at 14.

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1 minute ago, Mohammad said:

I know no one will vote for Jermey and what I am gonna say next is unlikely but what if Jermey actually gave a better performance than both Holly and jershika, wouldn’t it be a tad bit unfair to vote for your bias instead of the actual best , again this is very unlikely and honestly I am expecting jershika to slay and deliver the best.

All three are talented, I think whichever one does best will get it. 

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