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3 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

And she can grow into that power…something that can’t be taught. 

Yeah, I can’t even imagine how good

shes going to be in two years. 

we haven’t had a kid with this much pitch control since Danielle.

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6 minutes ago, holinessss said:

coldaplay anthem...okay my universe ft BTS!!

Omg I would have cried if they sang that. :dead: 

6 minutes ago, erik g said:

Is anyone else watching "Thats My Jam" lol

I'll be watching it. :haha: 

5 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


can we talk about that AMA performance though :dead:

A MESS. :dead: 

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1 minute ago, CocoaPuffs said:

I think there’s a possibility Ari could have her 2 remaining team members in the bottom 3…  I would hate to see holly in the bottom but she might have had the worst performance of the night. 

I love Holly so this is what I'm afraid of. I hope her voting base holds her through so she can sing her Adele power ballad next week.🥺


Worst thing for me would be having Jershika and Holly both in B3. I hope both are safe.

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