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What's you favorite Diamonds's performance?


What's you favorite Diamonds's performance?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite perofrmance on The Voice of Diamonds?

    • Ashley DuBose (S5-Blinds)
    • Simone Gundy (S11-Playoffs)
    • Vanessa Ferguson (S12-Top11)
    • Shi'Ann Jones (S13-Top10)
    • Kymberli Joye (S15-Top13)
    • Toneisha Harris (S18-Knockouts)
    • Payge Turner (S19-Instant Save)
    • Gymani (S21 - Top11)

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Ashley DuBose - Blinds on Season 5

Simone Gundy - Playoffs on Season 11

Vanessa Ferguson - Top 11 on Season 12

Shi'Ann Jones - Top 10 on Season 13

Kymberli Joye - Top 13 on Season 15

Toneisha Harris - Knockouts on Season 18

Payge Turner - Instant Save (Playoffs/Top17) on Season 19

Gymani - Top 11 on Season 21


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i love so many of the people in this poll, but few of these performances really stick out to me… Diamonds is a great song, but it’s hard to really make a moment out of this song. Toneisha easily has my favorite Diamonds performance as she made it much more powerful, and it’s my favorite performance of hers. of the rest, i think Payge may have my second favorite performance since hers was so unique. Diamonds, it’s time for you to retire babes!!!!


shoutout to La’Porsha Renae from American Idol, whose performance is up there with Toneisha as one of my fav versions of this song👑


Sarah, Judith, Sasha, and Michelle’s version is great as well!!

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