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Rank the Top 10


Rank the Top 10  

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  1. 1. Favorite Artist

    • Girl Named Tom
    • Hailey Mia
    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Jershika Maple
    • Joshua Vacanti
    • Holly Forbes
    • Jim and Sasha
    • Paris Winningham
    • Wendy Moten
    • Lana Scott

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1. GNT

2. Jershika

3. Hailey

4. Joshua (special shoutout becuase imo he has had an insane upward trajectory)

5. Wendy

6. Paris

7. Holly

8. Lana

9. Jeremy

10. Jim and Sasha

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1. Girl Named Tom


Hope they stick around!

2. Joshua Vacanti

3. Jershika Maple

4. Hailey Mia

5. Paris Winningham

6. Wendy Moten



7. Lana Scott

8. Holly Forbes

9. Jeremy Rosado


Jim and Sasha

10. Jim and Sasha Allen

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1. Hailey - SNOWFLAKE!!!! I want her to win, I can’t wait to hear her voice on a record like literally she’s brynn but better….

2. GNT - I wouldn’t b mad if they win. They clearly have a lot of musicianship and experience.

3. Jershika - Love her! Want to see her win and make history!

4. Wendy - Hopefully she reaches her BA/Battle/KO level in the next few weeks. Never thought I’d be putting her below Hailey, who grew on me during the lives.

5-10. Don’t Care, but Paris is pretty great! He’d be a cool finalist.


actually #10 would be lana, sorry just not a fan. I did love her prelives tho


11. Jim & Sasha - wonderful people with big hearts but WHY TF R U STILL HERE LMAO


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Lana being tied for second 🤩 (Honestly, my top 3 are the top 3 here in votes, so I'm happy either way)


1. Lana

2. Girl Named Tom

3. Hailey Mia

4. Jershika Maple

5. Holly Forbes

6. Joshua Vacanti

7. Wendy Moten

8. Paris Winningham

9. Jim and Sasha

10. Jeremy Rosado

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3 weeks into the lives, so I think I can finally finalize my thoughts on these artists and how I feel about them.

10. Jim & Sasha - I had high hopes for them during pre-blinds, but they're just not in the same league as the rest of this Top 10. Glad to have them here for the trans rep though, and Ariana seems really invested in them so that's nice to see.

09. Girl Named Tom - yeah I never got the hype for them, I always found them a little too sedate for my liking. Best performance for me is Creep, because they actually showed some edge there. Seems like Kelly wants them to just be folksy and acoustic-driven moving forward, so I doubt I'll get a chance to see the side of GNT that Creep hinted at.

08. Hailey Mia - good on her for defying expectations and maintaining her composure and vocals in a high-pressure environment like The Voice. I still think she has this youthful, "deer-in-the-headlights" kind of vibe, and I understand that may be part of the appeal for some people, but there's a reason I prefer more mature singers on this show.

07. Jeremy Rosado - he's the quintessential reality show contestant: very likeable, everyman type of energy, and has the vocals to back it up. Yes, nerves have always been an issue for him, but I honestly haven't seen him turn in a total trainwreck yet. I like him, and I won't be mad if he makes it to Semis.

06. Lana Scott - I've said this before in another thread, but Lana shares a lot of qualities with my snowflake this season: they're both 28-year olds with a lane all their own this season, and voices that are very polarizing. You either love her or hate her, there is no in-between. Actually there is an in-between, given my ranking, so scratch that LOL. What I'm trying to say is, Lana is a good example of a niche artist, and if you don't dig that niche, there's nothing here for you. FWIW, I like her well enough in the moment of her performances and thought she was just as consistent as Jeremy all throughout the lives. Would I rewatch her performances again? Probably not.

05. Holly Forbes - another one I had high hopes for this season, but I have to admit I am very on and off about her in the lives so far. She's just all over the map with her song choices. And I don't like how they keep pushing her as this powerhouse vocalist when she should be doing stuff along the lines of Patty Griffin and Brandi Carlile. But I can't deny that she has the pipes. She just haven't found the right vehicle for it yet.

04. Wendy Moten - first off, hope she's OK after that faceplant. Anyway, say what you will about Wendy holding back and not showing what she's truly capable of, but man that woman can sing! This is probably just me and my 90s nostalgia talking but I always love whatever Wendy is putting out. I do think she and Holly both have the same problem (song choices holding them back) but Wendy is just a better vocalist than Holly so I ranked Wendy ahead of her. Something has to change for both of them next week though. The Semis will truly be a Bloodbath.

03. Jershika Maple - I mentioned in the last entry that I have strong 90s nostalgia, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Jershika appeals to me a lot. She's definitely a throwback to the 90s-2000s era of female RnB I really like. And I love that she's best buds with my #1. It's just sad that the type of music she does best at will not be the type of music that gets votes.

02. Paris Winningham - definitely the artist that has grown on me the most. He came off to me a little too strongly at first in the blinds, but once he got comfortable on The Voice stage, he really came into his own. Use Me really sold me on him, I think that was his grooviest and most fun performance yet. If he continues down that lane moving forward, I will be very happy for his inevitable entry in the Finale.

01. Joshua Vacanti - I mean.... where should I start? Like most of IDF, I usually pick my snowflakes once the spoilers are out, but this season I wasn't incredibly wowed with any of the names popping out. That is, until a certain Joshua started popping up of the battle pairings. No last names or anything, just a Joshua. Given the slim pickings with the rest of the cast back then, I decided to pay close attention to this Joshua as we got more information about him. And when Reveal Day finally came, I immediately tried finding a Joshua who posted, and there he was! I immediately knew he was the one I will be rooting for on this show right then and there. And so far, he proved I made the right decision. He's quirky, confident, fun and has pipes for DAYSSSS. He represents a genre that I love dearly and wished the show would showcase more of: theatrical pop. And I hope Joshua's success so far (which I'm still amazed at, I know not everyone loves theater) will inspire others like him to audition for the show.

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1. GNT

2. Jershika

3. Wendy

4. Joshua



5. Paris

6. Hailey

7. Holly



8. Lana

9. Jim & Sasha

10. Jeremy


Strong Top 10, this might be on its way to become my favorite season since S13 :ph34rwave:

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12 minutes ago, Daillon said:

Strong Top 10, this might be on its way to become my favorite season since S13 :ph34rwave:

In place of J&S and Lana, Shadale and Gymani would have made the top ten more interesting and solid.

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