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DWTS30 Week 10 - Finale Night Discussion Thread!


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Really great Fusion dance from Amanda. I think a Viennese Waltz and Paso combo is really an interesting and unique dance combo. The VW was gorgeous and the Paso was strong and powerful. She did great with both styles. Fantastic. :yes: 

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15 minutes ago, *Diana said:

Amanda really opened or closed more than HALF the episodes :dead:

LMAO I literally made that same comment when finding out. :dead: 


11 minutes ago, taylorkat said:

Amanda opening the show again, never change, dwts.

Right? :dead: 

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12 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Ugh. Here goes my prediction points. 

I think that goes for a lot of us. :haha: 

12 minutes ago, m1key said:

I better not see Carrie Ann saying shes shocked at Amanda getting 4th later after that. 

Omg she better not be. :dead: 

10 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Will anyone be shocked by Amanda placing 4th?

We shouldn't be. :haha: 

5 minutes ago, Solaris said:

A paso Doble to free your mind? This is so Original!


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