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2 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

To be fair, he let Sasha pick the coach and just roll with it and he’s been the backup for Sasha this whole season, so…it’s on brand, at least.

i feel like Sasha is much more comfortable in the spotlight.


Jim comes off as an introverted musician. 

also. Most of why I’m watching this season is Ari. She’s so darn cute. 

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BTW stop blaming the Ariana fans because most of them dislike J&S and were voting for Gymani to stay. I thought Gymani would win for this reason.


If there's anything to blame, it's whoever gave that song and spot to Gymani. But TPTB clearly wants balanced teams so they were going to do all they could.

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1 minute ago, Agenator333 said:

I cannot this is rediculous. Gymani can sing circles around Jim and Sasha they have far outstayed their welcome on this show. This is crazy who could sit and their right mind and vote Jim and Sasha over Gymani. Literally only because Arianators went and voted.

Yes Gymani is a better singer obviously. I wish others went home before her but there are different types of artistry. What Jim and Sasha do has merit.

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