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Brutal elimination rounds where multiple amazing artists got cut?


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2 hours ago, Daillon said:

I thought every single PV was deserved that night. S20 semis on the other hand…

Agree with this. I liked all of the females in S18 and thought they all deserved Semis, but none were my favorites on their respective teams. As for S20, Cam was the only PV I was really happy with. I’d personally say that Season 20 Semis were much harder for me than Season 18 Semis.

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2 hours ago, pauwis said:

POs S13

Emily, Moriah, Karli, Chris, Hannah......yeah it was rough

I remember spoiling the results for myself through a website that szn (probably Mj lol) and as someone who had no idea about stats or minivan and just watched the show as a casual, the eliminations of Moriah, Emily, and Chris were SHOCKING honey. Yeah ik these playoffs were purely coach saves but still

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S9 POs - Celeste, Ellie, Viktor, Darius, Regina (bussed), Morgan (bussed)


And Emily Ann getting the CS despite getting iTunes bonus kinda surprised me


S22 Bloodbath - Kim, Parijita, Justin (and Omar in IS)


no words

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No chile because the season 22 knockouts.....so many eliminated with so much potential. Morgan T, Cara, Daysia, Emma Brooke, Jaeden, Ian, Destiny just off the top of my head. And others who had a lot of minivan voting potential, even though they weren't necessarily IDF's cup of tea (Jay, Peyton, Orlando, Austin)

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