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S21: Which coach is losing an artist next week (Top 11)


S21: Which coach is losing an artist next week (Top 11)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Kelly
    • John
    • Ariana
    • Blake

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I'm thinking Gymani, Joshua, Lana, and Jim & Sasha are mainly the ones in danger. Doesn't help they're each from different teams tho lol


These are the chances I think they have to stay: Joshua=Gymani>Jim & Sasha>Lana 


If Gymani ends up in the bottom again against either Jim & Sasha or Lana I think she's got it in the bag (with another song choice that helps her like last week)

For some reason I don't think Joshua is safe, but if he ends up against Gymani in the IS I think he has the highest chance of the 3 to put up a fight. Seems like he has enough support + a decent performance to get voted through via IS but idk

As for Jim & Sasha, this is assuming they don't get PV with another minivan loving song ofc. The only way I see them advancing via IS is if they're against Lana. It all depends on performances ofc but I doubt TPTB wants Ari to lose another member while Blake has 3 and Kelly 4 lol. They'd pull all stops to get Jim & Sasha through 


All this to say I think Blake will lose an artist next week with Lana?? I'm not even sure lol

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