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Rank the Top 11 (S21)


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    • Girl Named Tom
    • Hailey Mia
    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Gymani
    • Jershika Maple
    • Joshua Vacanti
    • Holly Forbes
    • Jim and Sasha
    • Wendy Moten
    • Paris Winningham
    • Lana Scott

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In this household we STAN

1. Girl Named Tom

2. Jershika Maple


I enjoy you (and honestly this shuffles around hour by hour):

3. Lana Scott

4. Wendy Moten

5. Jim & Sasha Allen

6. Jeremy Rosado

7. Gymani


I'm not mad, just disappointed:

8. Paris Winningham

9. Holly Forbes


I'm just not interested:

10. Hailey Mia

11. Joshua Vacanti




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Based on who I think have been the best throughout the competition.


1. Gymani


Most consistent contestant on the show imo. She has definitively been top 3-5 for me every round. Which I can't say for anyone else. One of the very few who have maintained the quality of their prelive performances.


2. Wendy


Her prelives are carrying her a bit. Despite that though she's still one of the few who have had no vocal issues live.


3. Paris


Best male vocalist on the show by far on a technical level. His live performances have almost been as good as his prelives.


4. Joshua


He's been very good every round and I've slowly come to like him more. Another one who has been just as good live.



5. GNT


Hard to rank GNT. Their blind, KO and top 13 performance are some of the best of performances of the season. Their battle was really good but not something I find myself revisiting. But I don't like the rest of their live performances.


6. Jershika


Another hard one to rank. Unfortunate to say but I like her prelives much more. Out of every contestant, she sounds the most different live. Her runs are not as smooth, her lows not as rich, and her highs aren't as clean. That being said, she has still delivered good performances, and she's top 3 when it comes to prelive performances.


7. Jeremy


Also pretty consistent, probably more so than the other 2 ranked ahead.. except he usually has a bit in every performance where there are pitch issues and underwhelming moments.


8. Hailey


really like her lately. She's shown the most improvement and is probably the only one who has been better live. Her PO, instant save and top 11 performance have been some of the best live performances. Her blind is pretty good too, But the rest of her run hasn't interested me all that much, and out of everyone in the top 11, they are some of the weaker performances imo.


9. Holly


She's been underwhelming I won't lie. Her audition and ko are great, but her live performances have been some of the more weaker performances in the competition.


10. Lana


She's ranged from good to alright for me. 


11. Jim and Sasha


Same as the above, but I think Lana is a more competent vocalist.

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