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DWTS30 Week 9 - Semi-Finals Night Discussion Thread!


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Just now, Solaris said:

Stunning performance from Suni


I always think of Kayla and kupono when I hear this song


Just now, *Chris said:

Not my favourite contemporary to "Gravity" but that was beautiful.


Just now, *Diana said:

All i can think of sorry. ❤️

All of us thinking the same way ❤️ 

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Lowkey have been wanting a Contemorary from Suni for weeks.


The wait was worth it. That was such an incredible and outstanding dance from her! Stunning tricks (she did on her own), such a strong emotional connection and she really lived & breathed that dance. Lots of feeling in there. Just such a beautiful routine. ❤️ Definitely her best dance so far!


Ugh Len about to ruin that perfect 40 for her. :/ 

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Just now, ungodlyhour said:

after last year's semis when the judges handed out participation perfect scores... i'm shocked there's only been one so far :dead: 

Same. :dead: 


Last year’s semi-final scoring is why I went all in on almost everything getting at least one 10/perfect 40’s. :dead: 

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