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DWTS30 Week 9 - Semi-Finals Night Discussion Thread!


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1 minute ago, *Diana said:

Melora is a goner tonight sorry, no way that will hold up to JoJo, Suni or Amanda.

Yeah pretty much.


That's why having SO many Contemporaries can work against someone. But Melora has had a really amazing run here, so she should def be proud if she does go tonight.

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1 minute ago, *Amanda said:

Accurate scores, just annoyed because I predicted getting at least one 10/a perfect 40. :dead: 

I think most of us predicted she would get a 10 (and overall 40) for her Contemporary but not her Rumba, so that threw us all off. :dead: 

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Just now, *Diana said:

I just wish someone like Britt or Daniella got Cody, Cheryl has done him a disservice this season. Her choreography is not it.

Her choreography is still excellent, imo, but it's not measuring up to the newer pros. 

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