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Babes I'm currently a wreck and you won't be hearing from me for a while k bye 


edit: YES I'm an emotional roller coaster bcs I love all three ladies and they slayed last night and loved them tonight and I hated seeing them in the bottom 3 and i'll stop talking 

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Just now, TheVoiceFan2 said:

I hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE losing Shadale and Ryleigh tonight



Stop reading my mind bestie this sucksssss


Ryleigh and Shadale are talented af, but Gymani ate two nights in a row so I guess I can’t complain too much

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1 minute ago, kclarkson1323 said:

Unfortunately for Ryleigh she probably offended as many Ari fans as she garnered votes from with that performance

There are plenty of fans of Ariana who are still bitter over Bella being gone for her, too.

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