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Pre-Top 13 Live Shows Finals Projections? (What are yours?)


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1 Girl Named Tom

Everything is Perfect and In Synch as they continue to kill it, Groups are Rare and this is the Greatest one ever, the can do it all and reach all demographics, also they are universally loved. They can do anything and everything Thrown their way. If there is one that deserves to win the most, It's a Girl Named Tom, I do not know if they will win, But I hope they win, they are the most Deserving and Fit all Genres. Theres a Damn Good Reason they are a 4-Chair Turn! The Coaches Said it best, they can conquer anything!

2 Wendy Moten

She's the Veteran that has the most Experienced as the most Seasoned Pro, Her Performances prove it as she is an absolute Beast! Blake Said it best! Theres a Damn Good Reason shes a top 3 4 Chair Turn of all time! If Blake is winning Title #9, It will be Wendy Moten that Does the Deed! She's by far and away the best on Team Blake!

3 Ryleigh Plank

I will admit I didn't like her Blind Audition, Her battle was better but still didnt win me Over, But Her Knockout and Her Live Playoff she absolutely Killed it Building on her Momentum. In my opinion, she is Ariana's best shot at The Title and most likely Finalist, she's got the Uncanny ability to slay songs. If Anyone other Than Girl Named Tom or Wendy Moten win it all, I think Ryleigh is the best outside Shot!

4 Jershika Maple

She will defeat Jeremy Rosado if there is a Rematch in the Live Shows! I think she will be a Big Beneficiary of The Live Playoffs Chaos, She is John's best shot at a Finalist, especially after going straight through, she Can Kill it and Belt it out as her Live Playoff Proved, She probably will not win, but I can see her sneaking into 3rd!

5 Lana Scott (Won Semifinals Instant Save)

I'll be honest, I didn't really like her Blind Audition, but then she caught fire in Her Battle, yes she lost, but she slayed it and Gained Momentum even in the loss and she continues to get Better and Better. Also her style will help her win Votes. While Wendy Moten is the Head of the Team Blake Table, Lana Scott is a strong Second. Lana Scott could be the Sleeper of the Live Shows!



Easilly the 3rd Strongest 4-Chair Turn! Gymani continues to Kill it and step it up each round as she continues to outdo herself. To be Honest she is Kelly's second strongest remaining artist. I already have 2 Powerful Female Black Singers in the Finals, I don't see 3 being there. But if things go her way, I can see Gymani in the Finals pulling off a Surprise Win!

Hailey Mia

Yes I know she required the Live Playoffs Instant Save, and History suggests Instant Saves are usually gone the next Round, But she is wise beyond her years with a Wise Soul, shes a Teenager that sings like an Adult. Yes she has her back against the wall and needs a Miracle in the Live Shows. But Britton Buchanan pulled it off by winning every single Instant Save Round and finishing 2nd at the end, so who knows!

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