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After POs, predict Wendy Moten's fate


After POs, predict Wendy Moten's fate  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • She will win
    • She will make finale, but not win
    • Eliminated in Semifinals
    • Eliminated in the Top 10
    • Eliminated in the Top 11
    • Eliminated in the Top 13

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Until PO GNT will likely take her crown but after that I think Hailey will win and Wendy ends up being the runner up or even third place.


As much as I like her, I am not blind to the fact that minivan always love to criticize black women. As she did not scream this week, they went back to the argument that it is not fair that she is already a pro singer and that she was flat in some parts, as if everyone else were not flat at all.

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