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S21: Favorite Top 13 Member


S21: Favorite Top 13 Member  

91 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose:

    • Girl Named Tom
    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Gymani
    • Hailey Mia
    • Jershika Maple
    • Joshua Vacanti
    • Shadale
    • Jim and Sasha Allen
    • Holly Forbes
    • Ryleigh Plank
    • Wendy Moten
    • Lana Scott
    • Paris Winningham

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1. Girl Named Tom

2. Wendy Moten

3. Paris Winningham

4. Shadale

5. Jershika Maple

6. Joshua Vacanti

7. Jeremy Rosado

8. Holly Forbes

9. Hailey Mia

10. Gymani

11. Lana Scott

12. Ryleigh Plank

13. Jim and Sasha


Very happy with this group overall

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1. Girl Named Tom

2. Jershika Maple

3. Hailey Mia

4. Lana Scott

5. Wendy Moten

6. Gymani

7. Shadale

8. Holly Forbes

9. Paris Winningham

10. Jeremy Rosado

11. Ryleigh Plank

12. Jim & Sasha Allen

13. Joshua Vacanti


My top 5 is pretty much locked but there’s no one I truly hate this season :haha: (just wait until they eliminate one of my snowflakes)

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Honestly all of these top 13 are talented (tbh all of the top 25 was talented and others who didn’t make it as far were talented too), so basically I’m just going to give my personal preference thoughts and thoughts.  . All of them are talented so it’s not by how “talented” each person is


Team Kelly


Jeremy Rosado: I enjoy him a lot. I remember him

being one of my top favorites on Idol Season 11 along with Shannon Magrane. I may have preferred his idol run song choices, but man he keeps surprising me with his tricks like his “ooh ooh ooh” on his Bruno Mars song. He also has such an amazing personality and heartwarming.  I do want him to perform something more uptempo at least once, as well as him covering a Christian song during his run on the voice. 


Girl Named Tom: I like them. There  knockout performance was hauntingly beautiful. They did well in “Creep”,  but that song has been so many times before. I am glad the girl got a decent amount of a solo on Creep  instead of the short haired guy singing too much, but the long haired guy didn’t get a chance to shine on a solo like the other members did in creep. I want their solo parts more evenly distributed. And  them getting a public vote despite going first and performing an overdone song does say something  about their talent and appeal. 


Hailey Mia: She keeps surprising me. I’m usually of the opinion that younger contestants need more room to grow first before competing, but she did well tonight and her previous  performances are good. I do think she needs to be better about song selection that highlights her talent and voice better.

Gymani: I like her wide range of diversity. From doing an Ariana Grande song in the auditions to a ballad in the Live Playoffs (even if I wish she picked a different song). She’s definitely talented. Like everyone on team Kellly, song choice is Gonna be KEY for her. 


Team Blake

Wendy Moten: No doubt she’s extremely talented. However, I do wish she’d have picked a different song last night . Also, all of team Blake’s top 3(top 5 and more) are talented. I just personally prefer other artists this season. 

Paris: I think he’s great. My mom and aunt like him a lot too. I like his song choice last night, but I do want to see how creative he can become.  Since David and Samuel are eliminated, he’s the “gravel” voice that’s  left and I feel like he has tremendous potential to switch between Motown and oldie classics and more  artistic oldie and new song choices, if he decides to put that ability to use. He can be a big threat to the remaining top 13 contestants.

Lana Scott: Even if her performance last night wasn’t her best, her previous performances were pretty great.  I like her the best out of team Blake, but there’s no denying the tremendous talent of the other two on the team. While it may seem like she has the finale in the bag due to her being the last country artist remaining in the top 13, her being a save and being on the team with the two arguably best vocalists this season, she needs to be very strategic about her song choices. Her being the country artist remaining may not be the lock for the voice finale it usually is. 



Team Ari


Jim and Sasha Allen:  While their live performance of Hey Jude might not have been perfect for them, they still did decently, especially considering Sasha had laryngitis. Their previous body  of work from audition  through KOs of work might’ve gotten them through, and I can’t say I’m mad about that. I also couldn’t help but feel joy when Sasha expressed his shock that him and his dad made the top 13.  Song choice is key for

them, as well as making sure their harmonies are syncing. 

Holly Star: No denying her talent.  is it just me, or did she receive the least screen time of the top 13? That could unfortunately work against her if she doesn’t pick songs that make her stand out against the competition.  I like her. 

Ryleigh Plank: I liked her performance last night even if others didn’t. However she’s capable of so much when she picks song choices that do her voice, stage presence,  and personality justice, if her battle and knockout r  any indication. I hope she gets back to that tier-level of performance next week. I’m Your Baby tonight was good enough, but it didn’t quite capture her stage presence or artistry that her knockout did. And when someone as energetic as her has trouble keeping up with a song, that might be an indicator that the that particular song can be too much for even artists as talented as her. 

Team John

Shadale: She slayed that song last night, so it wasn’t too surprising John chose to save her. I do like her more upbeat performance she sang in the audition, and I hope we see at least one more (preferably more than one) of her upbeat performances during her run. 

Jershika Maple

She can slay anything. Not to be cliche, but she can sing the phone book. Her voice is great and it’s pretty unique as well. I hope she goes far, but considering her tone is something new to the voice, I have no idea how voters will react. She’s a force to be reckoned with nonetheless. Side note: I’m a sucker for quirky women. Her quirkiness in her battle round especially made me smile. 



Joshua Vacanti: His performance last night may or may not have been the best of his, but it was charming nonetheless. He’s definitely one of my top favs of the top 13. Him getting through by a public vote using a quirky non typical song choice in a team (well the whole season is but still) stacked full of talent says that people respond to

him well. Also, he needs to be carful about song choice. I’m all for quirkiness, but I’d like him to go back to some of his more “dramatic” “broadway-Raquel” style of performances too. 


in summary, what a talented season. I’m sad manh  talented acts had to go, but honestly all the remaining acts are talented too. It’s going to be a stiff competition. We have The  Heart, The Sibs, The Versatile, and The Determinator on Team Kelly. We have the Dolly Parton Jr. , The Expert, and The Potential Artist on Team Blake. We have The Family , The Joy, and  The Confidence on Team Ari. And we have The Double Sided UpBeat & Ballad Song Slayer, The Quirky Broadway Theater Star , and The Phonebook Singer on Team John. 

All of these 13 are talented, and the competition will continue to be great. They all

need to bring their A-Game, because no one is safe. 





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