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Strictly based on Playoffs, what do you think the results 'Should' be?


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Go on. Solely based on tonight. Not counting pre-lives.


For me:



PVs: GNT and Hailey

CS: Jeremy

WC: Gymani



PVs: David and Joshua

CS: Shadale

WC: Jershika



PVs: Raquel and Holly

CS: The most salvagable was Ryleigh, I guess

WC: Bella



PVs: Wendy and Paris

CS: LiBianca

WC: Peedy

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Based on tonight only I'd say:



PVs: Gymani and Hailey

CS: Girl Named Tom

WC: Jeremy



PVs: Jershika and David

CS: Shadale

WC: Joshua



PVs: Raquel and Holly

CS: Bella

WC: Ryleigh



PVs: Wendy and Libianca

CS: Paris

WC: Lana


Out of Jeremy, Joshua, Ryleigh and Lana, I think Jeremy did the best, so I'd go with him as the WC winner

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Team Kelly

PV: Hailey and Gymani


WC: Jeremy


Team Legend

PV: Shadale and Joshua

CS: Jershika

WC: David


Team Ariana

PV: Holly and Raquel

CS: Ryleigh

WC: Jim and Sasha


Team Blake

PV: Wendy and LiBianca

CS: Paris

WC: Lana



Lana = Jeremy > David > Jim and Sasha



…it’s killing me not to include Samuel or Bella, but based on tonight and ONLY tonight, I have to leave them off.

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Team Kelly

PVs: Hailey and GNT

CC: Katie

WC: Gymani


Team Legend

PVs: Jershika and Joshua

CC: David

WC: Shadale


Team Ariana

PVs: Holly and Raquel

CC: Ryleigh had stage presence?

WC: Jim & Sasha????


Team Blake

PVs: Wendy and Paris

CC: LiBianca

WC: Lana

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Team Kelly:
PV 1: Girl Named Tom 
PV 2: Jeremy Rosado
CS: Hailey Mia

WC: Katie Rae

IDK what are y'all on about, I thought GNT did pretty well with an out-of-the-box song choice and I'm glad they're stretching themselves. They seem to be the Minivan darlings this season, so that's an easy PV. I've been flip-flopping between Jeremy and Hailey for the second PV, but I went with Jeremy just because his song choice is historically a vote magnet, as opposed to Hailey's much more modern choice. Katie Rae got saddled with a sleepy song, but I still prefer her over Gymani's weird take on Say Something, so I hope she gets to sing for the Wildcard.

Team Legend:
PV 1: Joshua Vacanti
PV 2: Shadale
CS: Jershika Maple

WC: David Vogel

No secret here, I love Joshua and I think he's one of the better vocalists tonight, not just on his team, and I hope America gets it and rewards him accordingly. Between the females, Shadale gave the better, less polarizing performance, so I'd go with her for the second PV. I don't think John would choose David over his OG members for CS, especially after that underwhelming performance, so Jershika should be a good CS, unless Samuel is John's secret fave out of his team.


Team Ariana:
PV 1: Holly Forbes
PV 2: Jim & Sasha
CS: Raquel Trinidad

WC: Bella DeNapoli

I actually like Holly's performance a lot, it fits her singer/songwriter vibe a lot, and I'd argue that's the lane she should be sticking to in the first place, coz IMO she cannot compete with the powerhouse females this season. Rest of the team is a mess honestly, just gonna go with the social media metrics on my picks.

Team Blake:
PV 1: Paris Winningham
PV 2: Wendy Moten
CS: Lana Scott
WC: LiBianca

Wendy and Paris are Blake's main horses this season, they should sail through here with no problem. I do think Paris was slightly better tonight, I was slightly underwhelmed by Wendy's IWALY, she performed that much better in the past, but that doesn't really matter since she's sailing through. The two other females should be fighting for CS and WC, Peedy is way too one-note and kitschy to actually be competitive with this group.

WC winner: Katie Rae

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