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S21 Playoffs: Favorite Team Legend Performance


S21 Playoffs: Favorite Team Legend Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Shadale - Love On the Brain
    • Joshua Vacanti - You and I
    • Jershika Maple - Beggin
    • Samuel Harness - So Sick
    • David Vogel - Slow Burn

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Just now, TheVoiceFan2 said:

They threw the bus at Jershika and she managed to drive it, can't say the same abt Samuel

She definitely did better than him, but that is not gonna do her any favors and she got out of control at the end.


I wanted something jazzy for her, since her low register is gorgeous. Maybe  a standard like "Misty" or any Ella Fitzgerald song.


As for Samuel, Daughtry was right there, and they gave him Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo. 

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1. David
2. Jershika
3. Shadale
4. Joshua
5. Samuel
David was overall decent. 2-4 were okay, but the second half of theirs sounded either bad or boring.
Samuel had his worst performance so far, a wrong song choice with such a dull arrangement.
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1. Jershika - Reminded me of Tamara's PO. Nice take on an unorthodox song choice.

2. Joshua - It went a little pitchy in the second half, but I really liked this song for Joshua. He was my least fav on Team Legend, but I won't complain if he advances.

3. David Vogel - Just decent tbh.

4. Shadale - The vocals were good, but the phrasing was lackluster imo.

5. Samuel - :(((((((

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1. Jershika- Like someone earlier said, she rammed into that bus, threw the driver off, and proceeded to run the original driver over. 


2. Joshua- Great song choice for him. I have no complaints. 


3. David-I wasn't a fan of the song choice and I couldn't hear him that well but he did good nonetheless. 


4. Shadale-She did good but I wasn't really connecting 


5. Samuel-😭😭😭 My chest hurts

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Team Legend:
1. Jershika Maple - Beggin
2. Shadale - Love On the Brain
3. Joshua Vacanti - You and I
4. David Vogel - Slow Burn
5. Samuel Harness - So Sick

It was tight between Jerkisha and Shadale for me. Ugh, Samuel was so disappointing (with a song I love), especially as I really loved his Knockouts performance. :( 

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