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18 minutes ago, Teraginn said:

Yeah, I feel like a majority of IDF had made their mind up on their faves through spoilers even before the season began. Which led to exceedingly high expectations that just can't be met.

Sounds a lot like the old days lol

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1 minute ago, Discovolcano said:

Idk what he was thinking voting wise picking Shadele over Samuel but what ever 

I love Shadale, but you’re not wrong. I’m going to guess Shadale was probably in the bottom 5 vote getters all around last night, she’s definitely DOA in the Top 13 unless she delivers again like in her KO.

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Hailey did well. Although I actually think it would be good if Vaughn replaced one of Team Ari’s members.


A few other things:


Carson cut off Ariana when she was talking to Vaughn (due to time constraints). 😢 


Blake was not super enthusiastic about Peedy. I think he would have preferred Libianca.

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