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The Voice 21 ● Top 20 Live Playoffs ● Discussion


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Just now, Someone648 said:

I mean obviously fantastic but I preferred all her pre-live performances :haha:


Just a pandering song choice. She'll be fine though.

If she continues to be consistent live, she can pander harder than Gyth’s semifinals performance and I’ll back her all the way.

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Ranking each team, overall team performance, and predictions of results tomorrow


Team Kelly

1.       Gymani (Say Something, A Great Big World) – I am not a fan of the melody changes in her performances but the soft spots in her performance were very soothing and touching. Finally, a ballad. She ATE. Grade: A

2.       Jeremy Rosado (When I Was Your Man, Bruno Mars) – At times he got overly hyped that it affected the consistency of the notes, but the emotions in his performance really hit me. Also he nailed the high belt. Grade: A-

3.       Hailey Mia (Traitor, Olivia Rodrigo) – There’s nothing new in this performance since her blinds but she gave a perfect performance with what she can, pitch-perfect all throughout. Grade: B

4.       GNT (Creep, Radiohead) – Very underwhelming. They were very nervous obviously. Joshua’s parts were shaky. The harmonies and dynamics in the climax are messy. I think it was Bekah who hit the wrong note. Grade: B-

5.       Katie Rae (Stormy Weather, Lena Hornes) – This could have sounded better if the band didn’t drown her. Grade: B-


Team Legend

1.       Jershika Maple (Beggin, Four Seasons) – Stunning performance. She’s so smart not to belt all the time. It wasn’t perfect, the highest belt went a bit off, but she ended with a showstopper. Phenomenal! Grade: A+

2.       Shadale (Love on the Brain, Rihanna) – The soft spots were not good. A bit of flats here and there. Her KO performance remains her best performance. Grade: B+

3.       David Vogel (Slow Burn, Kacey Musgraves) – His musicality oozes. He made the song like it was a Jonas Brothers hit. Grade: B

4.       Joshua Vacanti (You and I, Lady Gaga) – Great song but I already expected those belts from him. There is nothing new. Grade: B

5.       Samuel Harness (So Sick, Neyo) – Just like GNT, this is very underwhelming. His timing went off once. There are moments when I feel like the belts were forced to the point that it feels like his voice is strained. Grade: C


Team Ariana

1.       Raquel Trinidad (Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones) – Her first performance that is not upbeat. This is her forte, jazzy + bluesy genre of music. There are pitchy moments, but overall, this is good. Grade: A

2.       Holly Forbes (Torn, Natalie Imbruglia) – A lot of pitchy moments but still better than the rest below. Grade: B

3.       Jim and Sasha Allen (Hey Jude, The Beatles) – I liked it because of the song but it just feels like a Sunday jam at home. Jim started strong, Sasha didn’t. I don’t understand the judges’ obsession on this performance. Grade: B-

4.       Ryleigh Plank (I’m Your Baby Tonight, Whitney Houston) – What the hell is this song choice. It felt she’s mumbling random words during the long verses. And don’t start with the epic fail ending. Grade: B-

5.       Bella DeNapoli (The Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani) – One word – mess. The notes are confused, they don’t know where to go. Wtf I was rooting for her. I think she could not hear herself. Grade: D


Team Blake

1.       Wendy Moten (I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston) – If this woman doesn’t win, I don’t know who will, and I will not care who will. A pimp spot worthy performance. Grade: A+

2.       Libianca (Woman, Doja Cat) – Oh my, it felt like a concert. She’s a star. She is radio ready. I was dancing the whole time. Grade: A+

3.       Paris Winningham (I Wish It Would Rain, The Temptations) – While it was a great performance, it still could not top Tennessee Whiskey. But what a topnotch performance! Grade: A+

4.       Lana Scott (Next Girl, Carly Pearce) – She proved she’s better than Carson Peters. Also, a good minivan bait song which she performed really, really, well. Grade: A

5.       Peedy Chavis (Proud Mary, Credence Clearwater Revival) – No matter how many times he denies this, he copies Elvis 100%. Performance-wise, it wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t strong either. He also got bandzillad. Also, I wish he performed without the leather jacket on. Grade: B


Overall Team Performance

1.       Team Blake

2.       Team Kelly

3.       Team Legend

4.       Team Ariana


Overall Top 10 of the Night

1. Jershika

2. Wendy

3. Paris

4. Libianca

5. Gymani

6. Jeremy

7. Lana

8. Raquel

9. Hailey

10. Shadale


Results Predictions


Team Kelly

PV – GNT, Gymani

CS – Jeremy

WC – Hailey


Team Legend

PV – Jershika, David

CS – Shadale

WC – Joshua


Team Ariana

PV – Holly, Jim and Sasha

CS – Raquel

WC – Ryleigh


Team Blake

PV – Wendy, Lana

CS – Paris

WC - Libianca



Final remarks:

1.       All Team Kelly artists should advance to Top 13 before Ariana’s artists but we know that’s impossible.

2.       Ariana’s team was bussed big time.

3.       GNT’s weakest performance so far but I think it will not affect their rapport as one of the frontrunners, alongside Wendy who destroyed the roof tonight.

4.       Team Blake’s strongest team in the lives.

5.       I wished Gymani sang I Will Always Love You in the show.

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Wendy did INCREDIBLE!! that was finale-worthy, and i’m so proud of her🥰 i don’t always love when people sing IWALY because no matter how amazing people do, nothing will ever compare to Whitney’s version for me. i feel like it’s so hard for artists to really make IWALY their own. Sasha, Ali, and now Wendy have all done fantastic with the song, but none of their versions have been my favorite performance of theirs, if that make any sense. i kind of want IWALY to get retired from The Voice and Idol… that’s my random rant, but it doesn’t change that Wendy did phenomenal tonight!!💖 GO QUEEN WENDY!!

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5 minutes ago, thevoicefan12 said:

she things this is the main event when this is only lunchtime :haha:

I get what you all are saying about it being to early, but I think there is a lot to be said for momentum. A large portion of the audience decides who they're going to vote for in the finale, well before the finale itself. Wendy is going for the run away and hide strategy 

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1 minute ago, seak05 said:

I get what you all are saying about it being to early, but I think there is a lot to be said for momentum. A large portion of the audience decides who they're going to vote for in the finale, well before the finale itself. Wendy is going for the run away and hide strategy 

a queen with a strategy we love to see it

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Hailey was my fave of the night , wow do you guys realize the fact that a 14 year old managed to stay on pitch and deliver a really great performance while the adults weren’t entirely on pitch or were struggling to be perfectly on pitch .

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15 minutes ago, wildestinvegas said:

Unpop but Jershika owed the night. Great vocals + unexpected songchoice. Wendy is great but she isn't gonna excite me with these songs LOL.

I kinda know what you mean. I love Wendy, but I think her song tonight was self-indulgent and there wasn't anything terribly unique about it.  I hope she does something unexpectedly sassy next week.  And Jershika's performance is something I would listen to or watch again for sure.  :yes:

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Upon a Team Ari rewatch, my ranking changed a bit


  1. Raquel (smooth and pretty, the high notes went off the rails at times)
  2. Holly (not that great, but definitely the best)
  3. Bella (I genuinely didn't find it that bad a second time around? She missed some big moments for sure and the song did her no favors but she also had some pretty good moments througout)
  4. Ryleigh (Way too fast of a song for her and missed some notes as well unfortunately)
  5. Jim and Sasha ( this was v messy for me, and the biggest moment was the most noticeable one and they did not hit it)


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1-Team Kelly


2 Gymani

3 Katie Ray

4 Hailey Mia (Loses Instant Save)

5 Jeremy


2-Team Ariana

1 Raquel

2 Bella

3 Ryleigh

4 Holly (Wins Instant Save)

5 Jim & Sasha (Loses Instant Save)

6 Vaughn Mogul


3-Team Blake

1 Wendy

2 Lana

3 Paris

4 Peedy (Loses Instant Save)

5 LiBianca


4-Team John

1 Samuel

2 Jershika

3 David

4 Shadale (Loses Instant Save)

5 Joshua Vacanti

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