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Favorite and Least Favorite Blind Audition, Battle, and Knockout?


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BA Leaks

1.) Gymani

2.) Bella DeNapoli

3.) BrittanyBree

4.) Aaron Hines

5.) Carson Peters 

6.) Vaughn Mugol 


Battle Leaks

1.) BrittanyBree vs. Samara Brown 

2.) Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey Rose 

3.) Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith 

4.) Ryleigh Plank vs. KCK3


KO Leaks

1.) Libianca vs. Hailey Green 

2.) Shadale vs. Samara Brown 

3.) Samuel Harness vs. BrittanyBree



1.) Gymani

2.) Bella

3.) Brittany vs. Samara

4.) Bella DeNapoli

5.) Libianca vs. Hailey

6.) BrittanyBree

7.) Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey Rose 

8.) Shadale vs. Samara Brown 

8.) Aaron Hines

9.) Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith 

10.) Carson Peters 

11.) Samuel Harness vs. BrittanyBree

12.) Ryleigh Plank vs. KCK3

13.) Vaughn Mugol 

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