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Team Kelly: Favorite Contestant (After pre lives run)


Team Kelly: Favorite Contestant (After pre lives run)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Girl Named Tom
    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Hailey Mia
    • Gymani
    • Katie Rae

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Girl Named Tom. There aren’t many acts in the history of the show like them, and of those, they are by far the best one. They amazed me from the start, but they stepped it up each round throughout the prelives when I didn’t think they could

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Hailey Mia. I know y'all tired of the "She is just thirteen years old" thing, but let's recognize the fact that someone of her age is handling the pressure of the show just like she is doing, especially considering not every teen in the show has been able to do that. Also, you gotta admit her knockout was on point :stud:

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Backing Gymani here, her audition is one of my favorites from the season and I admire her ability to take pop songs that shouldn’t work for her on paper and make them fresh and creative.


That said, there’s not really a way to go wrong in this poll.

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For me...


1) GNT

2) Hailey

3) Jeremy/Katie

4) Jeremy/Katie

5) Gymani - my favorite audition this season, but she's been a step lower each time. I think her KO was great but a little messy, and I wasn't a fan of her battle.

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