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Team Blake: Favorite Contestant (After pre lives run)


Team Blake: Favorite Contestant (After pre lives run)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Wendy Moten
    • Peedy Chavis
    • Lana Scott
    • LiBianca
    • Paris Winningham

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Paris Winningham. The churchy growls, precise runs, and tonal quality just speak to me. The fact that he is willing to take risks into his falsetto as well is impressive. Just all around a vocalist for my taste.

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Wendy Moten Supremacy, y’all. Paris and LiBianca have also been enjoyable every time I’ve seen them in full on screen.

Lana is good, but her tone hasn’t worked for me yet, and Peedy has talent but needs to ditch the Elvis shtick ASAP because it’s getting old.

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38 minutes ago, Gustavo527 said:

Also, hot take, can Hailey comeback and replace Peedy?:ph34rwave: That probably would be my favorite Blake's playoffs team ever

She would be in my Top 3 for the team with Wendy and Paris. Her Knockout was honestly better than quite a few people that made Top 20. That was the biggest robbery of the prelives this season for me

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I like every member of Team Blake, but Wendy is the most skilled vocalist of the five. Barring shenanigans and manipulation by TPTB, she definitely has the ability and experience to consistently give excellent performances in the live shows.

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1 Wendy Moten

2 Hailey Green

3 LiBianca (Her Montaged Battle Worries me, also being on the same Team as Wendy does her no Favors)

4 Lana Scott

5 Paris Winningham (Hopefully the Military Vote will help him, 'Im afraid he's the most likely to get the Short end of the Stick)

6 Peedy Chavis

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