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Flop predictions


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random crazy predictions:


-Joshua Vacanti wins (I’d love it if he did, but that would definitely be unexpected)


-Jeremy Rosado gets 2nd place (as talented as he is, I expect 3rd/ 4th at best if he picks great songs, doesn’t have any mess ups and his fans come through for him).

-Jeremy Rosado will outlast GNT (both are good, but this would be unexpected given the amount of hype GNT has)


-Ryleigh will make semis (wishful thinking considering she was a save, but who knows? With the right song choices for her style, anything can happen)


-Lana is eliminated before semis (Lana’s good though, just predicting)

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Crazy Flop Predictions


-Holly Forbes flops and is eliminated in the Top 13


-The Finals is Kelly v Ari (GNT, Gymani, Hailey, Ryleigh and Jeremy)


-Team Blake is eliminated before the Semifinals


-Hailey Mia wins every Instant Save, and finishes 2nd losing to only GNT


-Both Carson Daly and Blake Shelton retire


-Tyra Banks is new host


-Trent Reznor is newest Coach

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5 minutes ago, xfactor22 said:

Wait, Holly uses Reddit? She’s talented…but being a redditor knocks a few points off in my book (ignore the fact that I scroll through it too)


I checked her post history and she's only made like 4 comments ever.

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Lmao. I just looked at The Voice Reddit thread. And the posts are … interesting. A lot of people complained about Ariana’s team. A fair amount think she let go of her “best artists”, like Katie, Hailey, and David (admittedly, I like all three of them more than her current team). A lot of the people on there don’t like Katherine, Ryleigh, Bella, Holly, J&/S, and Raquel. They also happen to like Vaughn. They think she is a bad coach. And one person said that Bella sucks and was autotuned too much and that Katie “carried” the battle (I thought both were equally stunning). 

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I do have a bit of a soft spot for The Voice's subreddit since it's what got me back into the show, but I'm not gonna pretend it's not a mess 💀


Other flop predictions:

  • First eliminated artist on each team: Paris, Jim & Sasha, Joshua, Gymani
  • Final four: GNT, Jershika, Wendy, Hailey (Instant Save)
  • Ariana loses her entire team before John
  • Someone who isn't GNT or Wendy wins
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