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DWTS30 Week 7 - Queen Night Discussion Thread!


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I think the thing about Amanda and an extent Suni is that when you compare them to Jojo, is that they need to break out more stage presence and really push it and that’s the point of the competition we are at.


Certainly comparing Amanda to her own past work the 8s/9s are justifiable. Though I’m sure y’all will disagree. But that’s clearly a huge, if not the biggest, component of how the judges score.

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6 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Unfortunately, it won't happen :( 


4 minutes ago, *Chris said:

It was a tough one to open the show.

Not my favourite of Amanda's though. 

Yeah to all of this. :( :broken: 


Hopefully she can make it through though.

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Of course, she needs a break out.

Her personality is also not all out there, just like Suni. Both of them, in their respective field, they were trained to be a certain way - I mean she's a former rockette so of course, she's not used to have more stage presence as she was taught to only perform one way. 

She's still one of the best one, technically. 

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