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DWTS30 Week 6 - Horror Night Discussion Thread!


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That was a jam packed difficult Paso choreo routine there. I do think Olivia copped mostly well, but it did seem a little much for her to grasp? But she did dance and performed it really well. I did appreciate the lines and Paso shaping she showed. She did well with the characterization there too.


I think the 9s are fair there.

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1 minute ago, ungodlyhour said:

yeah i think olivia needed 10s to stay out of the b2, her and kenya are probably in trouble

Yeah, a likely Bottom 2. I do think Olivia will make it over Kenya. Though I can see Melora dropping in there - depends on how her dance goes.

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7 minutes ago, Walker359718 said:

Scoreboard So Far

JoJo & Jenna:  40
Jimmie & Emma:  38
Cody & Cheryl:  36
The Miz & Witney:  34
Kenya & Brendon:  32

The spread is 8 points and 4.44%.

Jimmie being 2nd feel like the real horror story. Also Kenya is toast 

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