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DWTS30 Week 6 - Horror Night Discussion Thread!


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A decent AT from Kenya. She did have some moments that seemed a bit hesistant and heavy. And some of the dancing didn't slick through enough. But she did dance and perform that well.... and I still really enjoyed it. :yes: Do agree on the 8s.


Still worried for her tonight as I'm not sure that was enough to save her. But fingers crossed. 



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9 minutes ago, Solaris said:

Kenya was good, but it didn't capture the magic of last week. I sense another trip to the bottom 2.


8 minutes ago, sublymonal said:

Kenya looked like she was thinking too much the whole time. The best moments were when she kind of let go and gave into the routine. Probably another 8 from me. Maybe even a 7 :ph34rwave:


7 minutes ago, *Chris said:

I really like Kenya but yes, this was a bit underwhelming compare to last week. 

Agree with all of you on this. :( 

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